15 reasons tell you why winter is more suitable for cycling

1. Winter sunshine makes everything better

It may be because the things are rare, the winter sun looks particularly good, and everything will be more pleasing.

However, in many cases, the winter sun shines on the snow, and the sunlight in the puddles and trees will be very glaring. This requires special attention.


2. A good excuse to buy equipment

Cycling in the winter can be very cold, so you need leg sleeves... knee pads... and sleeves. Then you need to buy a warm shoe cover, there are more choices here, there are windproof, waterproof, and a shoe cover is only covering the part of your foot, because the full cover shoe cover is not necessary .

3. "Corruption" has become brighter and brighter.

Winter is very cold, so it is more important to maintain ample physical strength during cycling. You can find a good place for corruption in a ride. If you are not corrupt, your physical strength may be overdrawn.

4. Short-distance riding can also feel satisfied

The warm sun in winter is great, but its exposure time is not long, but it is not a good thing. First of all, you don't have to get up at six o'clock in the morning to get ready to ride because it's still dark outside. Then, you can safely go home when the sun goes down, and riding will not make you very tired.


5. You will not be depressed even if you are not good at riding out.

The main activities of cycling are carried out in the summer, because the temperature is higher and the sunshine time is longer, which means that the drivers in winter are in the “training” stage.

Winter also means that you have completed a full year of bicycle planning, so you can relax for a while, and naturally there is not much to think about when riding a bicycle. It is enough to enjoy the scenery by bike.

6. Everyone is hibernating in winter and you are riding a bike, Feel Good!

When your friends are in the "trailer party" in the winter, you will be happy to spend the winter when you insist on cycling!

7. Winter is a good opportunity to try various road conditions

Temporarily letting down the road bike to play off-road or mountain bikes sounds like "derailment", but believe me, try other road conditions in winter, and feel more comfortable when you start the road bike again in the coming year.


8. You can try other bicycles

Winter bikes are not the kind of cumbersome "just on the road" car that you think. Now the winter bike is already equipped with a competition-level kit. How about? Come to a winter training car?

9. Winter cycling does not produce so much sweat

Dressing is right and your winter ride will be very comfortable. However, if the clothes are worn wrong, it is estimated that you can also feel the feeling of ice and fire.

10. Test your car skills in winter

The arrival of winter is often accompanied by rain, snow, hail and extreme weather. It is dangerous to ride on an icy road, but you will be very fulfilled after riding this road.


11. Stay healthy

You can't sit on the couch and eat snacks for a whole winter? Can you?

12. There are fewer cars on the road in winter.

If you like to go to the scenic spots to ride, there are fewer tourists in these places in winter, and the traffic pressure is not too big, so you will get a better riding experience than in summer.

13. You will feel like you are in the Belgian Classic

In the winter, riding a mud in a bad road situation, is it a classic feeling?

14.Pros are on vacation, no one will blow you up


The professional season is over in October and will start again in January next year, so Pro should have put down their bicycles.

15. Cycling is a wonderful thing.

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