26,29,700C,650B,which is better for the travelling voyage from the technology aspect to say


At present, the common specifications on the market are 

26 inches of mountain 

700C of Highway general-purpose, 

29er, which has a dominant position in the field of XC 

Trail of mountain bikes in recent years, 

650B of commuter cars in previous years. 

As for 24 and smaller 20, 18 and 16, it is not discussed here.

 In many cases, large wheel diameter means Strong, more stable driving (the principle is that big wheels are easier to crossroad barriers, which in turn reduces the size of pits and bags), which is also one of the reasons why 29-inch mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular. 

Practical experience has proved that small wheels are very common in complex road conditions, one is to magnify bumps, the other is small teeth of wheel diameter. The third reason is that the rotating speed of the wheel is larger than the conventional size, the life of the flower drum is obviously shortened, and the fourth reason is that the body of the wheel is smaller, the load and stability are limited. Therefore, we do not consider the size below 26 here.

Although the debate between 26c and 700C on the forum has a long history, my personal view is that whether it is 26c, 29c, 700c, 650B, it is suitable for long-distance use.

First several pictures, more intuitive.

Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT), the representative of a 26-inch long-distance truck, is very common abroad and is used by many people in China.

2、700c traveling bike:Kona Sutra。
3、A 29-inch Travel Vehicle Emphasizing Off-road Performance:Salsa Fargo。
4、An elegant 650B classic bke:Rivendell A.Homer Hilsen

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