4+2--- travel, different riding style, different low carbon life

What is "4+2"?


"4+2" travel, different riding style

“4+2” refers to the way four wheels plus two wheels travel – car and bicycle. Store your bike in the car (or plug it in) and easily go to a farther place.

The riders who live in the city know that riding on the busy streets, being run by various social vehicles, breathing dirty and toxic exhaust, and also carefully avoiding the “righteous” retrograde electric vehicles, roads and BMX Friends should also be careful that the front wheel can't get stuck in the gap of the drainage cover, facing all kinds of unreasonable municipal facilities, the careless pedestrians on the single lane and the traffic lights everywhere. In this steel forest, the eyes are full of black smoke and people are afraid of riding environment. I can't experience the fun of really riding.

It is precisely because of this that the traffic conditions are good, the air quality is excellent, the outer suburbs and villages full of green and full of birds and flowers are a good place for riders who love cycling to find real riding fun; but they are 3, 40 kilometers or more. The outer suburbs often consume a lot of the physical strength of many riders from the beginning. The situation that is prone to punctures on the road will also slow down the journey. Generally, there is no single lane on the way out of the city. It can only be rushed with the car. It is dangerous. If you accidentally play too late, you will be cold and hungry and dangerous. At this time, the qualified riders began to use their "4" - the car, loaded with their "2" - bicycle, which allows the riders to quickly reach the destination, avoiding a lot of traffic when entering and leaving the city; Retain plenty of physical strength to experience the fun of riding, as well as the car as a logistical guarantee, so that the ride is no worries and more enjoyable.

What is fun with "4+2"?


"4+2" travel, different riding style

By car to the less polluted suburbs and rural areas, avoid inhaling a large number of cycling exhausts and various pollutants in the city. There are supplies and support from the car during the ride, no need to bring energy supplements, repair tools, pumps, etc., so that you can play more easily. For many novice riders, the light is tired enough to ride to the suburbs, and the “4+2” mode can set the destination farther, allowing you to keep more physical fitness in the suburbs of the elite. On the line; even if the play is cumbersome, there are cars that can quickly return to their place of residence before dark, "4+2" allows you to ride farther and enjoy more fun.

Play "4+2"

Leisure: On the weekend, about three or five friends go to the suburbs of the city, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the joy of riding, taste the fresh farm vegetables and food, and see the natural unsculpted scenery.

Challenge: Bring a road bike to the mountain 2,300 km away to challenge the hard climb of the 2000+ climb and enjoy the pleasure of burning and being cleaned of the lungs; bring a full-suspended mountain bike to the inaccessible place to cross Explore and discover new fun.

Commuting: The daily car trunk is always equipped with a folding bike. It is easy to ride before or after work in the morning, so that you are refreshed and energetic, better than drinking coffee!

Others: The combination of car and bicycle can play more tricks, so that the two can create more exciting for your life and become a life leader!

"4+2" equipment proposal

A "big enough" car: Yes, if your car is a smart or a Porsche Boxster, you can consider replacing your car with golf or Land Rover.


A good-performing bicycle: a folding bike, a mountain bike, or a road bike can be easily placed into the trunk or the rear seat with the quick release function.

Optional: roof rack / tailstock. If you have several friends who are also passionate about cycling, the more loaded roof rack/tail frame will allow you to bring more bikes. However, please follow local traffic laws when choosing.

Safety equipment: The helmet is an essential safety tool for all rides. If the purpose of your trip is off-road, then suitable protective gear is also important, such as gloves, knee pads, armor, etc.

Personal equipment: No matter how you ride, riding pants are a must-have for a happy ride, but wearing a cycling suit and sitting in a car doesn't feel very comfortable, so you can consider everyday casual outfits + destination-changing suits. the way. It's not difficult to find a place to change clothes—for example, in the back seat of a car.

Logistics: Bicycles, inflators, spare inner and outer tires, and complete maintenance tools are the basis for ensuring cycling; in terms of food, water, sports drinks, bananas, snickers, etc., supplement the energy consumed and the water lost due to exercise. And minerals.

Be prepared to make "4+2" your green, healthy and vibrant lifestyle!

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