4 stretching exercises that must be done after riding

Mr. Phil Burt, chief medical doctor and Sky Team consultant of the British National Cycling Team, believes that it is not necessary to do a wide variety of stretching exercises for a long time. He remembered that Bradley Wiggins had asked him for a list of 27 different stretching moves and asked what he was doing to get the right bike. Phil believes that it is better to do four effective stretching exercises on a regular basis than to do dozens of sets of actions frequently.

We will introduce the actions that he has to do after the four recommended rides. These stretches are the main way to relax after the British national team and the Sky Team train or match.


4 stretching exercises that must be done after riding


Many people mistakenly think that stretching muscles is equivalent to lengthening them. Phil has been doing this for a common science - the reason is simple: the muscle starting point and the joint are fixed, so the muscle length is also fixed.

Short-term stretching does not stretch the muscles no matter how much. The only thing that can stretch the muscles is the developmental period or the stretching exercise for many years. The effect of stretching exercises is to increase the sensitivity of the muscles to the movements we often do outside of exercise. It is important to understand that it can easily lead to muscle imbalance, reduced muscle function, and potential pain and injury.


The best time to relax is just less than an hour after you finish your ride. You can also wear some clothes after you have finished bathing. Of course, if you want to relax while watching TV, it's also effective to do it the night of the day you ride the car – for many people, it's more acceptable than stretching once the car is done.

How long does the stretching action last?

Keep stretching for 30 seconds at first, and gradually increase to 90 seconds when you adjust.


Do the foam shaft up and down 10 times, roll up for 3 seconds, roll down for 3 seconds, and when you adjust, pause in a particularly tight or sore area.

Detailed stretching action

PS. The following actions have a picture, it should be easy to understand, but if you don't understand the nouns of some muscle groups mentioned, Baidu will know.

Bulgarian squat (Bulgarian squat)

You usually sit in your office chair or car for a long time, then sit on the bike for a few more hours. During these times, you are in a forward-looking sitting position, which can cause the hip flexor to become nervous and make you feel uncomfortable during riding or usual. This group of squats is particularly effective in relieving hip flexor tension. (Editor's note: In fact, the Bulgarian style is not strictly a stretching action, but an action to exercise the lower limbs. Thanks to the science of the three princes Jay of the United States!)

- Lift your hind legs and place them on the bed or bench;

- Pressing on the hips, you will probably find that you are ready to start stretching;

- Keep your hips tight and bend your front knees until you feel the hip flexors stretch deeply;

- Hold for 30-90 seconds, three times each.

Bulgarian squat (Bulgarian squat)

Left: Bulgarian squat start action; right: Bulgarian squat end action

Indian Knot

The hip muscles opposite the hip flexors are also suffering from sedentary, and maintaining their flexibility is also important for normal functioning. This set of movements is very effective for relaxing the buttocks, and it can also relax the piriformis (Piriformis discomfort may also be the cause of back pain or leg pain mentioned above).


- sitting on the ground, one leg bent to the heel hitting the other side of the hip;

- The other one is crossed from above, force your thighs up and stretch your spine;

- You should try to keep your body weight evenly on both sides of your hips. You may find that one side of your hips will rise. This is normal, and you will be balanced when you get used to this position.

- Hold for 30-90 seconds, 3 times on each side.

Improved Hurdler Stretch

Tightening or stiffening of the hamstrings on the back of the thigh can prevent the rider from adopting a lower, more aerodynamic posture. Although this muscle group does not stretch during riding, they are the main factor limiting your riding faster in long-term cycling.

- Raise one foot with a short step or bench, keep it straight and tiptoe up. Your support feet should be slightly curved;

- Keep the head and body in line, the pelvis rotates slightly backwards, and the upper body is tilted forward with the buttocks as a shaft, causing stretching of your hamstring muscles;


- Hold 30-90 seconds, 3 times on each side.

Improved Hurdler Stretch

Left: Improved hurdler stretch start action; Right: Improved hurdler stretch end action

Twisted foam shaft stretch (ITB Foam Roller)

The tendon bundle (ITB) is a thick soft tissue on the outside of your thigh that is extremely difficult to work with through traditional stretching exercises, but if it is too tight, it can be a source of knee pain. The best way to maintain ITB status is to use a foam shaft. Phil Expenditure If you find that your ITB is getting tight, it's probably because of a problem with your bike settings, such as a seat cushion that is too high or a lock on the lock. If you have problems with your body for a long time, remember to seek professional advice to find potential causes.

- Lying on the foam shaft on the side, press your whole body weight on top, one of which is stacked on the other;

- Roll up and down the length of the outside of the thigh, taking care not to press on the bone;

- 10 groups of back and forth on each side, three times slower up and down;

- It may be very painful at first, and there may even be bruises. This is normal (especially for women), and it will become easier if you get used to it.

The foam axis of the humerus bundle (ITB Foam Roller)


Twisted foam shaft stretching

It is best to consult a doctor or coach for advice on each exercise or change your exercise schedule.

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