40 reasons to fall in love with riding

1, take you to another place

You can use bicycle commuting or bicycles to be your tool for work, such as postal/courier. At the same time, you avoid the traffic conditions of the congestion, burned excess fat, and exercised your physique.

  2, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes - can be caused by unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and obesity, which is a problem that cannot be ignored in the United States. The way to reduce this is simple: exercise: a Finnish study suggests that a 30-minute ride on a daily basis can reduce the risk of 40% of type 2 diabetes.


    3, exercise cardiopulmonary function

The more you ride on a bicycle, the healthier you may be: it may be slow at first, but slowly you will find that you feel better and faster, and it can help you build lean muscles. Cardiovascular function is also better.

    4, away from arthritis

By cycling, you can increase the flexibility of your joints so that you don't have the possibility of developing arthritis as you get older.


    5, delay aging

In London, an experiment was conducted on 2,400 twins. The results showed that those who rode three times a week (less than one hour each time) were physically younger than his/her twins (brothers/sisters) for 9 years. .

    6, burning calories

Although riding is a very easy thing, long-term high-intensity riding is a huge challenge. You can easily burn 700 calories in an hour, so cycling is a pleasure because it can lose weight and stay slim.

    7, reduce the chance of suffering from depression

Riding is not only good for the heart, it is also good for the brain. Therefore, it is recommended that those with depression, or the mood is relatively easy to fall, the inferiority of the population to ensure regular riding or exercise: Studies have shown that regular sweating can regulate and manage the brain's chemical reactions, help you to regain Healthy and happy life.

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    8. Enhance your heart muscles

Riding, like all other sports, can strengthen your heart muscles and lower your resting pulse. These can increase the speed of blood flow, keep your heart strong and healthy, reduce the risk of heart disease, and solve the problem of premature aging.

    9, improve your lung capacity

Your lungs will improve as your heart function improves. In addition, the study also shows that people who commute to work are actually less likely to receive air pollution than those who drive to work.

    10, reduce the risk of heart disease

Many studies have shown that regular exercise, such as riding, can reduce the risk of heart disease. The British Heart Foundation found that there are about 10,000 serious heart disease patients each year, and if they can maintain regular exercise, they can alleviate the condition. This is not the most exaggerated: the Foundation points out that riding a 20-mile week can reduce the risk of heart disease by half.

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    11, less sick

Suppose you ride a bike for 30 minutes a day and five days a week, you will be half as likely to get sick as your colleague, according to a study by the University of Northern California.

    12, save money

Who doesn't want to save money? If your company is only a few kilometers away from your residence, then the bicycle is the best choice. Think about it, if you don't drive to work, how much oil will you save in one year! This can save thousands of pieces!


    13, enhance sexual desire

Some studies have shown that regular training can enhance sexual desire, the researchers point out that this is because exercise improves blood vessel health and makes blood flow more smoothly. It also builds a good self-esteem that also helps your body.

    14, good sexual function state to stay longer

Speaking of sex, according to Cornell University research, both male and female athletes are better than ordinary people in terms of sexual function. The results of the study indicate that the menopause (menopause) of female athletes will be postponed for 2-5 years, and the sexual function of male athletes will be 2-5 years younger than ordinary people.

    15, cycling is better than driving

There is a very important reason why people are not willing to ride because riding is usually dangerous. But the National Center for Health Research shows: "In general, the benefits of riding are actually several times greater than the risk of driving." So don't make excuses!

    16, thinking more clearly

Nothing can keep your mind clear as you ride, it's not an emotional feeling: Studies have shown that people who maintain regular movements are less likely to get "head fog" than sedentary ordinary people (common features: Memory attenuation, weak inhibition, decreased decision-making ability, slow thinking speed, and decreased attention).

    17. The chance of suffering from cancer is lower

Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of colitis, breast cancer and intestinal cancer. A Finnish study shows that people who maintain regular movements or commute with bicycles are half the chance of getting sicker than others.

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    18, more efficient

Studies have shown that people who maintain a regular lifestyle lifestyle are more efficient at work and in life, so don’t worry if you feel guilty if you sneak out of the car and feel guilty, because you know, When you come back, you will be more efficient.

    19. Speed up metabolism

Not only will your metabolism speed up when you ride, research shows that this state will continue until a few hours after exercise. So even if you only ride for 20 minutes, your body will still burn calories very efficiently for a few hours after the end of the ride. This is simply a gift for sports!

    20, keep blood sugar stable

Once you develop a good habit of regular exercise, your blood sugar will be more stable. Because your muscles store the sugar in your blood to support your ride.

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