5.6 misunderstanding on titanium materials and titanium bike frames, here to clarify for you!


Misleading 5: Titanium alloy is soft and not wearable.

This statement is a sneak peek. I don’t want to come up with it. It’s not worth it to be true with people who have no actual experience.

A relatively absurd statement once appeared in the 2011 No.03 "Bicycle Records", the author actually described the titanium alloy handlebar as "hand-held muddy", which is too much to talk about. Think of the reader as a fool.

If you take three sections of 3-2.5 titanium alloy pipe + aluminum alloy pipe + steel pipe with the same wall thickness, you can see what is called hardness by cutting it with a steel saw blade for metal cutting. Because the same saw blade, it is relatively easy to cut the other two metals, but when it is your turn to cut the titanium tube, you will find how the saw teeth are so slippery!

Regarding wear resistance or not, I will only give two examples. 1) A piece of titanium alloy disc. I chose a heavy off-road vehicle for front-wheel brakes. It was specially tested for about half a year. The brake disc is G3 oil. The original disc of the disc, the leader of the front disc was worn out soon, and replaced with a new one. After a few months, it was found that the disc was much more worn than the rear wheel. The disc itself is not much worn away.

This is enough to confirm that the wear resistance of titanium alloy is better than that of steel. Do not believe, you look at the drill bits drilled on the metal, why the titanium-plated drill bit (to exclude some domestic fakes) is so easy to use, the life is so long.

2) It is the titanium shaft chain I used. It is easier to use than the steel chain, and the durability is visible to the eyes and the body feels.

Misleading six: Imported titanium materials or frames must be better than domestic ones, domestically produced are garbage.

More and more people will refute this statement through practice. I firmly believe!

All rumors will come to light after practice and the final result will be achieved.

Many of my old customers have done the corresponding test. The feedback made me and the company feel gratified.

Don't let the consistent way of thinking become a bad habit to contain you. It’s better to see it than to see it. This is the truth.

I am also calm about those who have no good things in a country that stubbornly believes that they are. I can always ignore it.

Foreign titanium is so good, why are the important titanium alloy raw materials of Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and other foreign first-class big aircraft manufacturers imported from China's largest titanium enterprises? Why is it not that Russia, which has a 60-year history of titanium, is not Germany with advanced technology, but China, whY?

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