6 safety measures to be aware of when riding at night

Night riding is a favorite of many riders. However, the visibility of night riding is reduced, and there are certain safety hazards. Therefore, when the rider is riding in the night, he should listen to the eyes of all directions and pay attention to safety.


1. The importance of hearing should be improved

At night, the line of sight is getting worse. At this time, the hearing of the ear is more important. It is not recommended to wear headphones to listen to music. Bringing headphones will obscure the sound of other vehicles. For example, some roads have a lot of big trucks and headphones. When it is found that the big trucks are close, there may be a few meters left. It is easy to accident due to tension.

2. Side reflection measures

Many bicycle accidents are not front bumps, rear bumps, but side collisions. Because no one on the side will install the light. So increase the side of the reflective, such as the reflective strip on the tire or rim, BIKEID anti-theft stickers, one of which is reflective stickers.

Reflective stickers are not much in the essence, the key point is to choose the right place stickers, it is recommended to stick to the left side of the faucet (the junction of the upper and lower pipes), so that it will not be blocked by the feet. The left side is because we ride on the right, other vehicles The lights are mainly from the left and the right side is blocked by the building.


3. Unfamiliar / remote roads do not ride

It is difficult to master the road conditions that are not often riding. It is quite dangerous to ride with the old impression. With the law and order problem, even if you carry your own self-defense supplies, you may not be able to use unexpected situations. The best tool is the "whistle" because the whistle The audio is very high and spreads far away. The gangsters hear the whistle and the reflection will be frightened. It is best not to be near the collar of the car. Groups can also curb theft.

4. Cope with road conditions, slow down at low speed

The road surface is very clear during the day, and the street lights are still unclear at night. Some riders have the same speed as the nighttime, but the response time of the road is definitely greater than the daytime at night, especially when the road car hits a small hole, it is easy to fly.

Many people have to wait until there is an accident (self or someone else), only to know that they need to reduce the speed of the car. After a long time, they will relapse, so remember that you can lower the speed at any time and maintain the speed of the day by 7-8 percent through the code meter.

5. Do not train at night

The training is to find a mountain road with a slope. The speed of going up the mountain is slow. It is very dangerous to go down the mountain. It is naturally dangerous. There is no need to compete with other passers-by and cars. It will also give the cyclist a bad impression. It is highly recommended to ride happily, not to ride in strength; to take a flat road and not to take the mountain.


6. Relaxed, not impatient, casual

Like the riders who ride at night, many of them are relaxing. They can't climb up in the morning. They may go home for dinner after work in the evening (or don't eat dinner first). They go out to ride a bicycle. The mentality at this time is: Hurry and go to exercise, so the eagerness of the chapter, casual attitude will appear.

If the team travels very easily, but the whole body equipment is very complete (can be prepared the day before), the night ride may be casually worn, involving safe parts (hardhats) or even not wearing, but in fact, the night ride is even more Pay attention to safety.

Night riding may choose more lanes, but from home to single lanes, it will also pass through open roads. It is very dangerous if you don't wear a helmet. Therefore, the correct mentality is to go to exercise, there must be some equipment, and it is more important to choose from safety.

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