6 things you have to do after crashing

As long as you ride a bicycle, you will definitely encounter a crash. The crash is not terrible, get up and fight again! But today we are not talking about the inspirational chicken soup where to fall and where to stand up. Here are some dry goods that teach you how to check your body and bike after crashing. Receive it quickly.

When the tragedy happens, the first thing is to make sure that you are not seriously hurt and that you can get up from the ground. Take a look at your limbs and see if you are still alive. If there is no third car passing around for a while, quickly transfer to a safe place on the side of the road and start to check carefully where it fell.


Then check your body and bike in the following steps:

First, slow down

Dr. Michael Ross has seen many people who have crashed. They usually claim that they are okay, but they often fall back when they are forced to stand up from the ground. In this case, you'd better stand up slowly and move around. You don't have to cross the car to get a Bunny hop in the first time. Just slowly and accurately assess the extent to which your body and car are injured. “Before cycling, can you make sure you can move around?” Dr. Mike said. “Can your hand turn 360 degrees? Do you not feel pain when you turn your neck up and down? " Take a moment to make an assessment, which determines whether you can continue to ride, or stop to find a rescue.

Second, some basic first aid matters

Checking your body for the first time is a prerequisite for all subsequent follow-up. For example, take a look at the hands and feet to see if the limbs are still attached to the body. Is there any bone that pierces the skin, causing massive bleeding there? If you find yourself seriously injured, don't risk to continue acting alone. Hurry and find a rescue to help you go to the nearest medical point. (This also reminds you that although you are a lone person, it is cool, but the price is higher. The tragedy can refer to the recent death of a car rider in a certain place. For the sake of their own safety, they can be accompanied by each other.) Ross also said that if you After checking the body, you can stand up smoothly, and if you lift the car up, it means that your body surface is not seriously injured. If you can still walk around and step on the woods, "This means that all your joints can move and bear weight," Rose added.


Third, check if you have a shock

Checking your helmet for obvious damage is an easiest way to determine if your head is seriously injured. Ross said: "If you can remember this law after you crash, it means you haven't wrestled." If you slammed, you will lose your sense of direction and confusion, if you even have your own where you are now. I don't know, it is appropriate to have wrestled. "You have been riding a car for a long time, and the brain produces a substance that makes you feel happy - endorphin, but that doesn't necessarily mean your true feeling. You need to stop and carefully tell if it's really okay." Rose added. .

Fourth, check the wheel set

If you have determined that there are no major bruises or bruises, then you can check your car. In this regard, Scott Kelly summed up some key steps through his long working experience in the Scott-3Rox Racing team.

When someone is looking for Kelly with a fallen car, Kelly will first check the wheel set. Because in the crash, the wheel set is the first part that is most directly affected by the impact, and it is also the easiest to diagnose parts with no problems. Regardless of how you fall, Kelly recommends checking the tire pressure first to see if there is a puncture, if the spokes are broken, and then if there is any problem with the brakes. These things can be confirmed several times.

Fifth, check other bicycle parts

Brake and shifting are your second place to check. Usually these parts can be forced back to their original position if they are angled, but you need to make sure they are as tight as they are, don't ride on the excitement and take it back. Check the chain again, has it fallen between the crankset and the five-way, is there a broken chain? Finally check the cushion, whether it is still sitting on the tube.


Six, check the bicycle frame

Finally, Kelly will check the frame to see if there are cracks or scraping off the paint. This is especially important for carbon fiber frames, as a small crack is likely to expand into a large crack as you continue to ride, but the aluminum frame or steel frame will not be as severe as a carbon frame. if you have the titanium bicycle frame, then it will be durable.

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