9 questions that newcomers often encounter when riding a bicycle

9 questions that newcomers often encounter when riding a bicycle

Many people have dreams of cycling on the road. For experienced veterans, riding a bike may be a matter of walking, but novices will not think so. They will have a decision before making a decision. A lot of questions, here are 9 questions that newcomers often ask.

9 questions that newcomers often encounter when riding a bicycle

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1. Who is going to travel by bike?

Cycling travel is regardless of occupation, age, gender and geography. The only difference is whether you really want to go. There are many ways to travel by bike. You can ride alone, ride with friends, or participate in a business tour. For example, riding the 318 Sichuan-Tibet South Line, along the way you will encounter riders from all over the world with a variety of professional background and personality characteristics. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet interesting travellers, breathe the fresh air, feel the different cultures... these are the charm of cycling travel.

2. How can I tell if I am qualified to travel by bike?

It is not to be as strong as an athlete to qualify for cycling. However, proper exercise is still required before cycling out. Seek truth from facts and develop an achievable exercise goal, for example, stipulate that you must ride XX kilometers each time. If you have a big plan to travel for more than 15 consecutive days, you should have at least 1-2 times of heavy-duty riding in the first three months of departure, and find your own shortcomings and targeted improvements in actual riding. . One of the charms of cycling is that you will ride more and more. (Not coming to me)

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3. How do I know how far I can ride in a day?

How far you can ride in a day depends on how you ride (credit card travel / self-help travel / support travel / group ride), road conditions, and how far you want to ride.

The ideal state is this: able to live up to 20 pounds of equipment, riding a road about 100km on a smooth road in one day, and taking a leisurely selfie, sniffing wildflowers on the roadside.

If the disappointing equipment is between 20-45 kg, you can further reduce the daily riding distance target to about 80 km.

If there are many mountains along the way, there are endless climbs, or the road conditions are not very good, or you are riding a mountain bike / small fold... The target riding distance can be lowered a bit, in short, according to local conditions.

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Of course, experienced travelers can ride farther, and even 200km on the road is not a problem. But for most people, don't be too hard for yourself.

◎ Set a day off without a bicycle every 10 days.

◎ Load-bearing equipment should not exceed 45 pounds as much as possible.

◎ Don't bury your head on the road, and occasionally look up and say hello to the mountains and rivers.

◎ Set a day off for the trip.

4. What kind of car do I ride better?

Although there are travel bikes designed for long-distance cycling, or special customized modifications for bicycle trips, in fact many types of bicycles can be used for travel, such as folding bikes, mountain bikes, and reclining cars. road vehicles……

Regardless of the car you are riding, it is recommended to be reliable, durable, comfortable to ride, and variable speed to suit the climb. If it is a long-distance ride of more than 1000km, it can be installed on shelves, with fenders, and is compatible with wide tires of 32mm or more.

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5. I don't know where to ride?

Sometimes it is so capricious, I want to ride a car but I don't know where to go - everything is ready, just owe the destination, what should I do?

◎ If it is the first time to ride, and self-help, it is best to choose a mature route with good road conditions, convenient replenishment and less traffic flow. A pleasant countryside with a residence of no more than 500km is a priority.

◎ See if you like the sea or like climbing. If you have the conditions, go to Taiwan to see the sea. If you have the ability, go to the 318 Sichuan-Tibet South Line.

6. What is the emphasis on equipment carrying?

The most common way to carry weight (carrying equipment) is the shelf + bag. (The method of carrying trailers is also popular in foreign countries, but it is not very popular in our country.) Speaking of the bags that are easier to buy in China, the price-sensitive brands are Ward, cheerful, and cheaper, Doyt and Gao Dawei. . The local roadside enthusiasts go out and turn right, and there are brands like Ortlieb and Arkel waiting for you. If the riding distance is not too long and the equipment is not too much, you can consider any combination of the first bag + frame bag + cushion bag.

7. Where are you going to spend the night?

Generally there are three ways of camping, couching, and hotel.

9 questions that newcomers often encounter when riding a bicycle

8. Is it safe for a person to ride a bicycle?

According to the riding experience of this series, as far as the domestic is concerned, the safety factor of riding outside and the environment of daily life are not too much, and it is easier to feel the friendliness of strangers. Of course, just like walking on the road on weekdays, you may encounter robbery. You must also have basic precautions when riding outside. It is not recommended for a novice to travel on his own for the first time.

9. How much does it cost to travel by bike?

If you are camping and cooking yourself, you can save a lot of money. But it is difficult to have a unified answer. There are riders riding the US Route 66 this year, spending an average of less than 20 dollars a day, the main thing is to eat money, accommodation is mainly camping + sofa passengers. Riding Hainan Island and staying at the hotel all the time, the average daily cost is about 200 yuan.

Therefore, when making a budget, you must first confirm the level of consumption along the way, as well as your own accommodation plan.

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