A bicycle which can be put in a bag without wheels or spokes, is folded to the sizes of an umbrella

Nowadays, the road is getting more and more congested. Whether it is blocked on the way to work or on the way to work, it is no longer the pleasure of driving as it used to be. So in the case of congestion, when you ride a bicycle through the traffic, you will surely get the envy of many people. Bicycles are not only very generous. It's convenient, but also very environmentally friendly. It can alleviate the current domestic environment.

Although riding a bicycle is very convenient, if you want to make this bicycle more portable, you still need to make some breakthroughs. There are also foldable bicycles in China, but the folded bicycle area is also very large. For some people, it is still very inconvenient, so the Italian design. The teacher designed a bicycle that could be put into a bag.

The Italian designer has made a breakthrough on his bicycle by designing Sada Bike, a bicycle that can be put into a bag. The bicycle has no wheels and no spokes. It can be folded into the shape of an umbrella with a slight fold. You can see that the bicycle looks very simple and neat. It looks like a product of that kind of science fiction movie. It seems to be changing at any time.

In order to make the different parts of the bicycle fit better, many parts of the body adopt arc design, which can make the bicycle more economical. So the car has no back seat and basket, even no spokes, and the front and rear wheels are supported by two circular steel rings. I believe that many people are very curious. Does this tire not deform?

Since this bicycle is a new breakthrough, designers will definitely solve this problem when designing it. This folding bicycle is very easy to fold. Just remove the spokeless wheels manually. Then it becomes an umbrella size. It can be put in a special backpack. When people don't use it, it's very convenient to carry. What do you think about it?

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