About BMX, something you don't know about it?


BMX, the full name is bicycle motocross, which is a kind of cross-country bicycle sport rising in the United States in the middle and late 1970s. Due to its small number of models, thick tires and race track is very similar to that used by cross-country motorcycles, so it is named.

The sport quickly became popular among young people. By the mid-1980s, most young people were deeply influenced by skateboarding culture and felt that only playing in the mud was too single. So I started to take the BMX to the flat ground and play in the skateboard field. Besides, I played more tricks, jumped higher and more thrilling than skateboard. Its name has also become BMX freestyle.


In 1983, the action-adventure movie "BMX Bandits" was released, which is the first work of Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and also known as the opening work of BMX movie

BMX originated in California in the 1960s. In a very short time, it conquered the United States with its unique charm. For the youngsters who can't be reached by cross-country motorcycles, the cost of this sport is much cheaper and they don't need to go to the training ground far away from home. In the early 1970s, the United States established the first BMX organization, which is also considered as a symbol of BMX becoming a formal sports event. 

In the following ten years, the small wheel car movement spread to other countries. In April 1981, the international BMX League was officially established, and the first world BMX championship was held in 1982. By this time, BMX, a unique sport, has developed rapidly all over the world. Due to the similarity between this sport and cycling, BMX officially became a member of cycling family in 1993. 

After the United States in Europe, some countries in Australia BMX also have a vigorous development. But the United States is still a superpower on the project.


▲Early BMX practice scenes (Red Bull's remake of "BMX Bandits" video clip

Small wheel cars have been introduced into China in recent years, and there are also a certain number of fans in several big cities. Up to now, the development of a small wheel car has separated from the single competition in the training yard and has derived more projects.

▲Haro BMX Chinese team shooting in Hong Kong

Detailed model introduction: the bicycle (BMX) is a kind of bicycle with a wheel diameter of 20 inches. The race of BMX is divided into the race of BMX on a muddy track and the race of Freestyle BMX based on skills. 

There are five different types of free wheelers: Street, park, u-road, mud, and flat. Different terrain has different technical requirements for bicycles. There are significant differences between scooters and SUVs. Freewheelers usually use a U-type brake, while racing wheelers usually use a V-type brake, only for racing cars to maintain stability at high speed. Freestyle SUVs have shorter wheelbases to allow them to turn faster.


The management organization of small wheel sports is the International Cycling Union (UCI). UCI began to sponsor the world championships of small wheel sports in 1993. After unremitting efforts and development, the small wheel racing became the official Olympic competition for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 

So when a young man named bobharo installs four metal tubes on both sides of the front and rear wheels, players can use these tubes to make many new designs. So I started to take BMX to the flat ground and play in the skateboard field, and I played more tricks than a skateboard, jumping higher and more exciting. Its name has also become BMX freestyle. The young man later became the boss of Haro bikes, a world-famous bicycle brand. 

The four metal tubes next to the two wheels have also become the indispensable parts of every free Wheeler - the rocket-propelled grenade (PEGs). Small wheel cars are divided into freestyle BMX and racing BMX. The main difference between them is the location of the headset. The free Wheeler has a special part, gyro, which can make the head rotate 360 degrees, but the racing Wheeler can't, and the rocket launcher is also what the racing Wheeler doesn't have.


▲Tyler fernengel, the top driver of Haro, a famous BMX Bicycle Brand

Development history: in the 1970s, children in California rode ordinary bicycles on specially built cross-country tracks and imitated the cross-country motorcyclists they admired. On any Sunday, a 1971 documentary about motorbike racing, opens with a group of children on Schwinn's 20-inch stingrays. The film was made to encourage the movement across the United States. 

In the mid-1970s, manufacturers began to design and produce special bicycles for the sport. 

In 1977, the American bicycle Association (ABA), which was established for the growing small wheel sport, was founded. Now, the small wheel has become one of the main events of the annual summer extreme sports competition in the United States.

Competition classification: freestyle can be divided into five categories: 

(1) mud racing in the mud. 

(2) dirt jump uses the slope made of soil for jumping competition. 

(3) Street uses props to imitate Street obstacles to compete. 

(4) half pipe jumping competition in halfpipe field. 

(5) fat land flat style, use BMX car to do all kinds of balanced sliding actions in the designated flat ground for competition.


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