About long distance riding shoes, you need to know below tips

When it comes to footwear, it inevitably involves shoes. I also like hiking. By the way, cyclists need a good pair of outdoor shoes as much as hikers. 

Good shoes, waterproof and breathable, warm and perspiration-proof, anti-skid and wear-resistant soles, firm upper and effective uppers design can protect them.

 Weak ankles, especially under the conditions of heavy load or long hiking, comfortable and functional shoes are very important. Bicycle shoes should pay more attention to comfort and waterproof, and the soles should be hard. Many people use thin-soled military glue to ride long distances on forums, boasting that military glue is the best choice for long-distance riding, but I want to see that. It's more like giving comfort and psychological hints to yourself... As for wearing military rubber bicycles, let's not say much, who is upset who knows, do not believe yourself to try.

How to choose shoes is of great significance to long-distance travel. This can be explained in detail only one night, and it will be out of the question. But there are a few lessons that you can listen to if you like and jump over if you don't like to listen.

1. It's not that the more expensive shoes are, the more suitable they are for you. It's better to try them on your own.

2. Bike riding should be flexible and low, waterproof protection should be high, and how to choose depends on the road condition;

3. When new shoes are not on the road, the first step on them for half a month.

4. Italian origin is the best, followed by Eastern European OEM and Made in China.

5. Long-distance cycling, low-help hiking shoes, and outdoor running shoes are the most suitable. In worse circumstances, high-help hiking shoes are needed, but high boots are unreliable. As for military glue and military camouflage shoes, they are too lazy to talk nonsense. Who likes to wear them?

6. Whether in winter or summer, wool socks > mixed chemical stockings > pure cotton stockings, 2B silk stockings.

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