After the bicycle was hit, pls don't panic, just do it!

After the bicycle was hit, pls don't panic, just do it!

It is inevitable that bicycle riders meet with cars on the way to travel, and it often happens. How to ensure safe driving and avoid traffic accidents. I believe many people are very concerned about this problem. It is recommended to learn some basic skills, and in practice, you must practice more.


1. Train your own eyes to see the ability of the six-way ear to listen to the eight parties. That is to say, you can use the ear to hear the car and the approximate distance of the car coming from behind. You can use the visual inspection to accurately judge the car coming from the opposite side. Distance and speed.

2, on a narrow road, do not prematurely avoid the side, so that the driver can find themselves as soon as possible, so slow down, and then avoid when approaching, so you can calmly avoid driving danger.

3, after the current car is coming, will be in the vicinity of the car, should take the method of acceleration or deceleration, avoid the meeting point.

4. Do not follow the car too close when going downhill, so as to avoid danger when the car is in emergency braking.

5, the color of the clothing is best bright, such as red and yellow. It is convenient for car drivers to find themselves.


Many riders don't know what to do after they collide with the car during the ride. The easiest way is to learn to go through the legal process and call the police first. Regardless of whether the owner is a handsome guy or a beautiful woman, don't negotiate with them privately.

Important things are said three times:

Call the police first, don't negotiate with them privately!

Call the police first, don't negotiate with them privately!

Call the police first, don't negotiate with them privately!

Damaged bicycles naturally have to pay for claims, but the owner, traffic police and auto insurance company do not understand the price of high-end bicycles. They think that this is just a few hundred scooters.

Don't pay attention to the valuation of insurance companies!

1. At this time, the traffic police is required to open a letter of entrustment and entrust the price certification center of the local price bureau to do the bicycle damage certification. At this time, the bicycle invoice is extremely important. The staff of the certification center will do the "price appraisal conclusion book" based on the price of the invoice and market conditions.


After a traffic accident, the rider can cooperate with the insurance company to take photos, inspect and present relevant documents, but does not have any business contact with the insurance company.

2. The official documents with legal effect on the "Condition of Price Appraisal" will be sent directly to the traffic police team. The traffic police team can determine the amount of compensation according to the "price appraisal conclusion book". After the two parties signed the fingerprint, the rider can get the compensation of the other owner on the spot.


Again, avoiding a motor vehicle should be an important part of the safety of cycling, so don't care. Be sure to obey traffic regulations when riding outside. With security, you can experience the fun of cycling!

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