As a pregnant woman what should you pay attention to when riding the bicycle?

Riding helps increase happiness during pregnancy.

Is it safe to ride while pregnant? Nicola Dunnicliff-Wells, a cycling education expert and mother, was found safe in the investigation.

What to watch for pregnant women riding


What to watch for pregnant women riding

It is generally agreed that regular exercise is beneficial for pregnant women. According to a guide from the Royal Women's Hospital, reasonable exercise can maintain happiness during pregnancy, and also help the body prepare for childbirth, and also help the body recover after childbirth.

Ys Glenys Janssen-Midwife at the Birth Education and Training Department of the Royal Women's Hospital encourages pregnant women to exercise and cites numerous benefits.

"This helps you identify with yourself and helps you control your weight."

The rate of diabetes among pregnant women is increasing dramatically, largely because more and more women are overweight.

"If you exercise regularly, you are less likely to develop diabetes and you have more ability to control your weight."

YsGlenys said that some people are worried that exercise may cause miscarriage or harm the baby, but there is no research that shows that moderate aerobic exercise will have any negative effect on normal and healthy pregnancy.

"If there are complications, such as multiple births, high blood pressure, do not exercise, or exercise moderately under the guidance of a doctor or physical therapist."

For women who are conceiving normally, moderate exercise is critical. Fiona Cooper, a health education practitioner who was a nurse, advises pregnant women to ride, which helps strengthen their endurance during childbirth, but be careful not to be too drastic.

It is important to keep cool and the body's water balance. "Bring a bottle of water and ride intermittently to avoid overheating," Fiona said.

YsGlenys Janssen claims that nausea during pregnancy can make you feel vulnerable. "If you are tired or don't want to move, take a break. This is too demanding on your body during pregnancy."

The guidance of the hospital shows that everyone's pregnancy response is different. The exercise method suitable for others may not be suitable for you. You must choose the exercise that suits your health and lifestyle. If you decide not to exercise, it is also reasonable to allow yourself to relax rather than exercise every moment.


1. First of all, when choosing a bike, it is best to choose a women's bike, because this is more conducive to getting on and off the bicycle and is more convenient. If you choose a men's bike, it is easy to cause riding injuries in emergency.

2. Secondly, the pregnant woman should adjust the seat when riding the bicycle, and adjust the back of the seat slightly higher, and also choose a soft seat cushion. If possible, put a sponge seat on the seat. Pregnant women ride more comfortably and reduce the risk.

3. Finally, pregnant women do not ride bicycles for a long time. If you encounter too steep slopes or bumpy roads on the road, you must not ride them forcibly, because these roads are often accompanied by strong vibrations, which will affect the abdomen. Affect the fetus.


· Avoid too hot

· Drink more water than usual

· Do not force yourself (Do not pulse more than 140 times)

Avoid falling

· Don't exercise when you are uncomfortable

Stop when you are sleepy, have pain, or have difficulty breathing

The appropriate time is: from 4 months after pregnancy to 7 months.

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