As a professional cyclist, you need to find a right bike frame for you, it is a key point for your career

As a professional cyclist, every cyclist should find the right bike for himself or herself.


Bicycle vision

As a professional cyclist, or ready to become a professional cyclist, there are much introductory knowledge of bicycle to understand. Only when you know the basic knowledge of bicycle you properly improve your cycling experience.

Choose a bicycle that suits you

The comfort of a bicycle can determine the rider's comfort. Therefore, if you want to be a professional cyclist, choosing the right bicycle is the first thing.

How should we choose a bicycle suitable for ourselves when we ride normally?


Choosing a bicycle that suits you is not just based on the performance of the bicycle. We should also choose according to our own preferences, as well as our own practical use, which is to be considered.

When carrying out bicycles, we should first consider our actual use. Ordinarily, there are a few cross-country or long-distance bikes?

Because there are various types of bicycles on the market, many cyclists who have just come into contact with bicycles do not know how to start when choosing bicycles.

The general types of bicycles on the market can be understood as divided into two categories, one is mountain bikes and the other is highway bikes. If you prefer speed cycling, road cars may be more suitable for you.

If you like long-distance cycling, mountain bikes may be more suitable for you. In fact, the use of bicycles is not limited, the most important thing is that they like it, or they are suitable for it.

Choose the type of bicycle that suits you. Next, choose the size of the bicycle according to your actual situation. The size of a bicycle is the most important detail when choosing a bicycle.

The type of bicycle may not be suitable for you, but the size of the bicycle must be suitable for you. It is to choose the right size according to your height, weight and so on.

It is very important for the new bicycle rider to choose the type of bicycle or the bicycle size that suits him.

However, many cyclists do not attach great importance to it, so it will affect their riding experience if they go on like this all the time. I hope that all the riders can attach importance to the above, according to their actual situation to choose their own bicycles.