Belt driven and chain driven, why TRORN's designer strongly oppose the use of belt drives?

THORN's designers strongly oppose the use of belt drives.

His reasons are:

1. Chains are more useful than belts. Mercedes-Benz's timing chain can be used for more than 500,000 miles, while the timing belt can only be used for 60,000 miles. It proves that the chain is more durable.

2. Belts are easier to carry sediment, which can wear teeth and flywheels. There are many holes in the chain, and the sediment will fall down; while the belt is wider than the chain, it will stick a lot of sediment, thus damaging the belt and transmission system.

3. Once the belt is broken, it is very troublesome to replace it. Four professional tools are needed. These four tools are valuable and valuable.

4. The steel frame is elastic to ride, so the belt usually works normally when not riding, but when riding, when the steel frame stretches and shrinks, the belt (especially the carbon fiber belt) will be loosened, so that the belt slips and damages the belt.

His conclusion is that the belt is not as durable as the chain, nor is it suitable for harsh environment. Belts are only suitable for commuting.


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