Bicycle hand injury awareness and prevention

Has the hand ever experienced numbness, tingling, and weakness after riding?

If your answer is YES, then you may have problems with overuse of your hands. Sports injuries are classified into acute injury and overuse injury. The problem of the hand is cumulative. The most common condition of injury is handlebar palsy and carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel) Syndrome) two.

Know the common sports injuries when riding a bicycle. In fact, as long as you adjust the movement and use the equipment, you can help you stay away from the pain.

First, the hand gripbar (handlebar palsy)


Hand grip paralysis is very common in cycling, commonly known as "hand grip paralysis" symptoms, known as Ulnar neuropathy, as the name suggests, is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve.

The ulnar nerve controls your ring finger and little finger, the muscle function of the main palm of your hand, and the condition of the ulnar nerve when you grip the handlebar, whichever happens in casual or competitive riders, mainly because of the grip Excessive extension of the ulnar nerve causes paralysis, weakness, and pain in the ring finger or little finger.

These symptoms will not only knock on the door, but also report at the same time, which will evolve into a few days to a long-term situation. Although it is annoying, it does not necessarily require surgery. As long as the appropriate rest, combined with stretching exercises and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, the relief effect can be achieved; when riding, adjusting the posture and strength of the gripper can help prevent recurrence.

Second, carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome)

The carpal tunnel syndrome, commonly known as the mouse hand, is not as common as the hand-held paralysis, but it is not uncommon in all walks of life in life. For professional occupations such as pianists and carpentry that need to be reused in the wrist, special attention should be paid to the wrist tunnel. Syndrome.

For bicycle lovers, the main reason is that when the grip is gripped, the pressure is directly transmitted to the median nerve of the main thumb, index finger, middle finger and part of the ring finger (Median

Caused by nerves, causing hand numbness, finger pain, weakness, the riders should be no stranger.


Hand grip paralysis is caused by the median nerve of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and part of the ring finger. Hand grip paralysis is caused by the median nerve of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and part of the ring finger.

In fact, as long as the adjustment of the riding tools, such as the adjustment of the driver's handle, cushions and pedals, with the correct riding posture, do not apply the power of the whole body to the hands and wrists while riding, you can avoid the hands. Uncomfortable situations occur; in addition, long-distance long-distance riding, don't forget to stop and rest for a while, and adjust the hand posture when riding, it will be a good start!

Tip: Try to put the weight on the outside of the palm, not the center of the palm.

The equipment part, using the handle belt or wearing gloves, can effectively reduce the energy directly to the hand; before the long-distance ride, install the comfortable pair of handles, you can adjust the holding posture during the riding process, let some muscles rest In addition, before the ride, the hand and wrist stretching exercises can be used to resist the stress during exercise.

The concept of riding is kept in mind, and when you are sweating, if you have similar symptoms, you can go to neurosurgery and ask for help from a professional doctor.

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