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How to prevent summer bike puncture

Due to the high temperature in summer, the repaired area of the inner tube often causes the repair glue to soften due to overheating, and then the air leakage speed is accelerated. Especially when the car is exposed to the sun in a static state, it is more likely to happen, because the black tire is at rest. It will quickly absorb a large amount of heat, which will then cause the gas to expand, and the tire rubber will soften at a higher temperature, which will further increase the leakage.


So try to replace those repaired inner tubes with new ones before the start of the summer, and those tires that have been repaired too much should be kept in a dry place. When the weather is cold, use them again, and pay attention to the air pressure of the car. And don't put it in the sun for a long time. It is necessary to equip a high-pressure inner pad to prevent internal violence at the beginning of the summer. To do this work, the general summer training can reduce the amount of the fetus.


If you only want to prevent puncture, the tubeless is the best. Because the tubeless tire is a combination of the inner liner (also known as the inner tube) and the outer tube, when the car is moving at a high speed, the tubeless tire does not have the friction between the inner tube and the outer tube, resulting in the inner tube wear and temperature rise. High, of course, the wear and temperature rise of the bicycle is very small. In addition, in the summer, due to the high surface temperature of the road, coupled with the heat of the tire when the vehicle is running, the temperature of the tire rises, causing the internal pressure of the tire to rise, causing the pressure to be too high. The inner tube of the tire only acts as a seal to prevent internal gas leakage. The tire is used to support the package. The strength of the tire is expressed on the tire. As long as you frequently check the degree of wear of the tire, the chance of high temperature causing a puncture will be small. Nitrogen gas can prevent the aging of the tire and has certain benefits for the explosion-proof tire. Some adhesives have reduced adhesion at high temperatures, which is important for supplemented inner tubes. The service life of tires is time-limited, mainly due to aging problems (of course, anti-aging agents are added to the tires, but aging cannot be solved, and aging can only be reduced within a certain period of time). The method to reduce the puncture is to strengthen the inspection of the tire.

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