Cycling is good for your health

One of the best tools to overcome the heart's function is that more than half of the world's people die of heart disease. The cycling can not only compress the blood flow through the movement of the legs, but also strengthen the microvessel tissue, which is called collateral circulation. The strengthening of the blood vessel is not a threat to age. 

  1. Habitual riding motion can more enlarge your heart, otherwise the blood vessel will be more and more thin, and the heart is becoming more and more degenerate, because people will experience the trouble it brings in later years. 

2. The riding motion can prevent high blood pressure, and sometimes more effective than the medicine can prevent the fat and the blood vessel from being hardened, and the bicycle makes you not need to use the medicine to maintain the health.

3. riding is a tool for losing weight, so long as you keep riding every day, it will take effect a month. 

4. Stick to the cycling exercise, will make you produce strong leg muscles, proper riding motion, can secrete the hormone, it is enough to make you happy, the spirit is pleasant, forget the trouble. 

5.. The riding motion can bring you endless enjoyment, is an effective way to relax the self-regulation life.


However, if we choose this sport, we should know how to protect ourselves

1, the bicycle seat should not be too high, should be elastic, prevent the buttocks from wriggling around when cycling, and reduce local friction.

2. Balance the legs when cycling to prevent excessive force on one side to form a lump.

3, the seat is hard, you can buy a soft seat cover on the seat, another way to buy professional cycling pants.

4, correct adjustment of the height and angle of the seat, toes just landed is the best.

5, cycling for a long time, we should pay attention to change the posture of cycling, in case the body at a certain point of time effort.

6, the first bike ride, speed is not too fast, time should not be too long, constantly adapt, gradually strengthen. Therefore, nothing is absolute, we should combine the reality, since we like this sport, we have to learn scientifically and reasonably.