Cycling prevents muscle atrophy and arthritis

The pain caused by arthritis in the world is plaguing millions of people. In severe cases, the pain can only be taken with drugs to get temporary relief. In recent years, a study abroad found that cycling can not only reduce the pain caused by arthritis, but also prevent the occurrence of arthritis.


Some senior riders may know that cycling can prevent muscle atrophy caused by aging and increase muscle mass. Some medical experts also recommend that patients be able to walk on a pedal for about 30 minutes every day to observe the effect on arthritis.

Dr. Rob Middleton at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in the UK found that non-load bearing movements may be more effective than stem cell therapy or nanotherapy in repairing joints. More effective. At the same time, this discovery is not limited to only one person, Middleton. A report on the website pointed out that a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that cycling every day can prevent arthritis and slow the pain of arthritis patients.


Cycling itself is also a favorite sport for Middletonian physicians and explains that although the main cause of arthritis is the wear of bones and cartilage, it is also related to muscle. He added that although professional cycling players also have arthritis, as long as they stop cycling, the symptoms will increase.

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