Discussion: Can spinning bikes really lose weight?

Once riding a bicycle, it is required to stabilize the cadence, and to respond to different road conditions by shifting. However, in the gym, the feeling of spinning requires that your cadence changes greatly with the music, and always feels your heart skipping speed. Can't hold on. It can be said that spinning is a very challenging aerobic exercise. But for those who want to achieve fat reduction through the course, what is the effect? I believe that after reading this article, you have a new understanding of the sport of cycling.

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Many students, many gymnastics coaches like to practice spinning, a large group of people squeezing a sweat in the house, and a piece of music with a burst of music, how cool, an hour of course is basically I can be thin How much is it, sweat has gone a few pounds. So is the spinning bike really a fat loss weapon?


First of all, we must first determine whether he can reduce fat.

Many students may say that you see Yao Ming who is not often in the gym, riding a bicycle on the side of the court, it is not used to reduce fat, it is injured, riding on recovery · · fat reduction must meet two basic conditions, An aerobic, more than 40 minutes. There is no doubt that the spinning bike is satisfied, but aerobic? Everyone may say that every time you practice breathing, you are not aerobic. Then everyone must think about whether this kind of asthma is aerobic breathing. After running one hundred such anaerobic and breathing, after running 10,000, this will also breathe, but the two kinds of asthma are different. The biggest flaw in spinning bikes is that it seems to have reduced the fat, but in fact, the spinning bike itself is not a fat loss weapon.

Let's take a look at the next time, and take a closer look at the different breathing patterns in this class. How long do you have anaerobic breathing and how long it takes for aerobic breathing. Of course, the course of each gym is different. Everyone's heart and lungs are different, but the intensity and rhythm of spinning bikes are mostly anaerobic time is greater than or substantially equal to aerobic time. This way, one class for an hour, except coach nonsense, warm-up time, and then divided by 2, the most basic mathematical algorithm, its aerobic time is less than 40 minutes, even more mention that it is still aerobic and anaerobic. get on.

I think very few students are strength training, especially after practicing their legs to do a bicycle. The next time you can try to practice your legs, your squat level will definitely be affected, even if you take a dozen or twenty minutes. But if you go out and run for 5,000 meters and rest for ten minutes, your squat level will not change much.

Many people will say, then that is to say that bicycles can not reduce fat? Cycling can reduce fat, and cycling is also a good sport, or the Tour de France is more dry than it is every year. But the spinning bike will not work, which is justified with the treadmill and running. Many people say on the treadmill that I can run tens of thousands of meters. You can pull them out and try them. Of course, this is not to say that everyone, there are several who can run down 10,000 meters. It is good to be able to run 5,000 meters. No long-distance running champion is trained from the treadmill.

This article, just do not want a lot of fat-reducing students into the misunderstanding, of course, health can be "stepped on"! But what is the effect of spinning bikes, how should we ride, presumably everyone has their own opinions, and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion.

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