Do not use life to make fun of the top ten taboos!

Today, cycling is loved by many people. Cycling can be done at any time, During commuting, when going out for an outing, Unlimited time, Can effectively maintain good health, but be prepared for everything, Riding can be officially on the road, But in the process of riding, There are some things that need attention


The following ten taboos should be specifically avoided


1. Improper use of the brakes

Please pick up the rear wheel when you are driving, to avoid the car being too strong and crashing. The position of the driver's handle can be changed after changing the personal habits. Before going on the road, you should ask the professional technician to adjust the tightness of the brake line and check the gap between the brake block and the wheel and the degree of wear.

2. Improper turning method

The body will tilt when cornering, and the inner pedal should be kept horizontal or top to avoid touching the ground. It is necessary to slow down before entering the corner, and it is very dangerous to brake during the turn.

3, the wrong way up and down the slope

Some people stand up and pedal when riding an uphill section. However, this position should be avoided unless it is a particularly steep slope or if an acceleration sprint is required. In addition to being more physically demanding, the riding center of gravity increases the handling and the rear wheels are also prone to slip.

The correct way should be: when going uphill, sitting forward, lowering the upper body to maintain the center of gravity, and stepping forward with light teeth. When going downhill, the body's center of gravity moves backwards, the body is depressed, and the thighs grip the cushion. Pay attention to the control speed, the method of progressive braking should be adopted, and emergency braking is strictly prohibited.


4, do not maintain a safe distance

If you follow the team for group riding, you should always maintain a safe distance between vehicles. In the long-distance ride, the car will be shielded from the wind for easy riding. When the road is wide and straight, it is easier for the rider to sneak out. It is recommended that the rider should be separated by at least one bicycle for safety.


5, rolling pavement protrusions

The road conditions on the road are well known. When riding, you need to look far away to avoid the speed being too fast and observe that the road surface is barrier-free or pothole. If you can't dodge it, it is recommended to pull up the handle and let the front wheel leaping over with the pedaling force. Reduce the impact of the road.

6, wearing a headset to ride

Wearing headphones is difficult to know the outside world, such as the horn of the rear vehicle or the reminder of teammates. The long length of the headphone cable is also prone to accidents. If you want to listen to music or radio, you can use a device such as a loudspeaker. It is strictly forbidden to wear headphones to listen to music while riding.


7, physical discomfort barely on the road

If you are unwell or mentally unsatisfactory, your concentration will not be concentrated. You should plan to move forward or delay your journey in an alternative way to avoid danger.

8, vehicle failure is forbidden

If the vehicle fails to make an emergency repair at the moment, it should proceed in other alternative ways or request road rescue. In particular, components such as brakes or wheelsets (tires) have abnormal conditions. Do not force them to ride.


  9, stop riding in bad weather

If you encounter severe weather factors such as typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strikes, strong winds, etc., you should change the itinerary or cancel. If you encounter severe weather conditions while riding, you should wait for the wind and rain to slow down and proceed again. You should also avoid riding at noon, or riding at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, and also add moisture at the right time.

10, do a good trip planning to avoid night riding

Due to the lack of illumination light source, it can only be used as an aid to remind other passers-by. It is recommended that the itinerary plan be started early, increase the noon break, and arrive at the end of today's journey before the sun sets. In particular, group riding should avoid riding at night to avoid accidents due to factors such as poor sight and unfamiliar roads.

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