Do you know which muscles you exercise when you are riding bike?

Do you know which muscles you exercise when you are riding bike?

Cycling can bring incredible health benefits, it can enhance heart and lung function, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and involve large muscle groups in sports. The main muscles for cycling include the quadriceps on the thighs, the gluteus maximus, the hind thigh muscles, the soleus muscles and gastrocnemius muscles on the calves, the biceps and triceps of the arms.




Quadriceps on the front of the leg


The blue mark is the position of the quadriceps


Large gluteus maximus (in the buttocks)



Red is the location of the gluteus maximus


Posterior thigh muscle (located on the back of the thigh)




purple is the position of the hind leg muscles


Flatus muscle and gastrocnemius




Arm biceps, triceps


When speeding up or climbing, the biceps, the three heads of the arm, and the latissimus dorsi of the back will get more exercise. These three groups of muscles produce downward force, allowing you to continue to deliver power to Step on the foot.




Red is the position of the arm biceps and triceps


Latissimus dorsi


In addition to working hard to support your spine, the latissimus dorsi also ensures that the strength of the upper body muscles is effectively delivered to the legs.




red is the position of the latissimus dorsi


There are many muscle benefits in cycling, which not only makes people confident and full of energy, but also enhances resistance and reduces the chance of disease. It is recommended that ladies ride bicycles because the front and rear muscles of the legs will be very good, the hip muscles will be firm and elastic and uplifted, connected with the waist muscles, the calf muscles of the calves, and the plasticity of the lower body is very effective.


Exercise method: aerobic cycling


Through prolonged and moderate intensity of pedaling, the body can maintain aerobic state of micro-asthmatic, which can improve heart and lung function, prevent high blood pressure and promote metabolism. At least 30 minutes per ride, but not more than 60 minutes. Relax your upper body while riding to avoid causing soreness in your shoulders and neck. Do not press your body too low when riding, otherwise it will restrict abdominal breathing. Regular cycling has little effect on the shape of the calf unless you are stepping on your feet. As long as the posture of the bicycle is correct, the cadence is reasonable, it will not hurt the knee, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way.




Be sure to stretch after exercise


The stretching of the tendons after exercise can avoid muscle soreness, have certain effects on muscle relaxation, elasticity and extensibility, and can also lengthen muscle lines.

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