Do you want to know why the titanium bike frame is so expensive?

It is believed that "titanium alloy" is known to all. Titanium alloy is an alloy based on Titanium and other elements. It can be said that it is the best bicycle material. It is not only expensive but also good in quality and material quality. The material of Titanium alloy is much more precious than the parts made of carbon fiber.

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Titanium alloy is widely used in bicycles, not only in the frame but also in every part of the bicycle. For example, Titanium alloy handles Titanium alloy handlebars and other parts. Even the screw of the bicycle has Titanium alloy materials, Titanium bonding. it can be said titanium alloy belongs to the super high-end metal materials, and the processing technology is extremely complex.

Take the screw as an example, titanium screws has the characteristics of lightweight, high stiffness, anti-corrosion, steel screw is not comparable regard as the quality or texture of the screw. And only the price is too expensive.

titanium alloy is so expensive because it is a high-performance material widely used in the field of aerospace technology, and its production process is complex, but the quantity is rear. Titanium alloy is the top material for a bicycle frame. It is one of the best in all metal materials, so it is deeply self-reliant. Bike enthusiasts love it, even though it's expensive, but it's worth it. These are the reasons why titanium alloys are expensive.

Among the metal materials, such as the steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, only titanium has the charismatic of high strength, low density, pretty lower flex, anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion  From this point to say, titanium is far superior to carbon fiber bike. Although carbon fiber parts are also expensive, it has one fatal defect, unrepaired.

It is said titanium alloy has innate advantages in repairing. Once carbon fiber is damaged, it is irreparable even though it is only a small crack, titanium alloy is not so. If titanium alloy is damaged, it can continue to use once the damaged part is rewelded. From this point, titanium frame is far superior to carbon fiber, or aluminum.

At this time, you may have doubts, why the aluminum alloy fracture can not be repaired, it is not that it can not be repaired. As we all know,  bicycle pursues lightweight,  when the bicycle manufacturers use aluminum materials, they will think of lightweight, so the aluminum alloy used will be thinner. The thickness of the frame does not support welding at all.

Not all aluminum alloy frame can not be repaired, but the repair rate is not as high as titanium alloy. Titanium alloy bicycle is very difficult to be broken because of its high strength. Even it falls, it is usually in the welding area. After repair damaged welding, it can continue to use, and the strength change will not be too big. So that's why titanium alloys are expensive.

With the continuous innovation of bicycle technology, the market demand for titanium alloys is also growing. bigger, we believe that most of the bicycle materials will be titanium alloys in the future, and the development speed of titanium alloys is also growing faster and faster.