Don't lazy in winter, give you some tips in winter cycling

The coldest season of the year has arrived. The cold wind seems to be the enemy of all the riders. The warm blanket is still a fun ride. In the cold wind of winter, many riders are hesitant to stay indoors. Walking training is also a good choice, but it is still not as good as riding a car and kissing the earth with wheels. As long as the winter riding protection is done, the cold wind is no longer a problem.


Keep your body warm:

First of all, the riders cringe in winter riding is the temperature, in order to maintain the temperature is much more to wear clothes, but heavy clothing hinders the fun of riding, in fact, only a few simple pieces to overcome the cold. Wearing a winter fleece Jersey can usually withstand temperatures of around 10 °C. When the temperature is low, you can choose to add a windbreaker outside the Jersey to block the cold wind. The two can withstand temperatures below 10 °C. .

Keep your head warm:

Many riding helmets on the market have a lot of venting holes. Summer riding is an excellent design to help dissipate heat, but in the winter, the opposite is true. The high-speed riding brings the cold wind into the helmet. The hole takes away the heat from the head, and riding for a long time can cause numbness or even headache. In the face of this situation, before wearing the helmet, you can wear a headscarf on the head and then wear a helmet. The thickness of the headscarf can be selected according to the temperature at that time.

Eye wind protection:

When the cold wind enters the eye, I can't help but squat, especially at a certain speed. The rapid and low-temperature airflow over the eyelids will always make many riders unable to open their eyes. If you don't pay attention to the road, you may have an accident. . Wearing windproof eyes can effectively solve this problem and improve cycling safety.

Keep your hands warm:

The hand in riding is the key to controlling the shift control and brake control of the bicycle. If the temperature of the hand is too low, the reaction may be slow, weak, and numb. Because the low temperature has already contracted the blood vessels of the hand, the sensory ability of the finger will drop a lot. If you need to control the brakes, your hand will not listen, this will be a big deal, wear a moderately long rider. Finger gloves to avoid this problem.

Active joints to keep warm:

For cycling, the legs can be said to be the "heart" of the bicycle. Winter riding protection is essential, especially for the knee. Low temperature can make the blood vessels contract and reduce the flow of blood. The knee joint is a joint that needs to be rubbed by bicycle. It is also a weak joint of the human body. Keeping a certain temperature can make the blood vessels swell, the blood flow quickly, and protect the joints. "Capability, reducing the strain that can occur. Therefore, if necessary, wear a knee warmer and the risk of knee injury will be minimized.

Breathing essentials:

It is best to warm up before exercise and stretch the whole body ligament to let the body move out (just like a car, warm up the engine in place before driving, in order to better protect the "heart"). Cycling should also be gradual, not into a violent state at once, breathing as much as possible "shallow" and "fast" as a reference, excessive rapid breathing will allow too much cold air into the lungs, causing lung discomfort, will also Valuable body temperature is lost from the lungs, and evenly coordinated breathing is the focus of winter cycling.

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