Don't worry: 7 point strange symptoms will appear when you are riding bike

The benefits of cycling are unquestionable, but it seems that there are some strange symptoms in riding, which may be mistaken for bad problems, but relax, don't worry, these are the normal physiological reactions that exercise will produce without vigilance! Most of these symptoms indicate that the body is working properly, while others are temporary problems that are easy to resolve.


Cough caused by riding: 

When the riding force is too strong, it may cause cough. The symptoms are similar to asthma, but it occurs in any person, called “sport-induced bronchoconstriction”; often occurs in difficulty beyond itself. The ability to exercise is caused by muscle spasm in the lungs. Some people are more prone to this problem due to genetic factors; they are more likely to occur in cold or dry environments because the trachea needs to work harder to humidify the air that enters the lungs, causing bronchoconstriction and coughing; keeping the nose, throat, and throat warm Can alleviate this situation.

The throat feels metallic: 

When you use all your strength to sprint, you may feel the bloody smell in your throat, which is caused by the appearance of red blood cells. Because you try to break through your past thresholds, red blood cells are pushed to the limit, releasing hemoglobin or iron, which is why the throat or metallic taste. If this phenomenon is temporary, don't worry. If this phenomenon persists for a long time, you still need to go to the hospital to consult a doctor.


Runny nose: 

Are you prone to runny nose? It doesn't matter if you ride your car and your nose is flowing. Sports rhinitis is a common problem for riders, especially when the temperature is low, air dry, pollen and other allergens are dense, the nasal cavity will produce a lot of mucus, purification work, resulting in runny nose. In addition, air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide in automobile exhaust, is one of the major factors that cause sports rhinitis. If a runny nose is bothering you, consult a doctor for some sprays.

Sudden and inconvenient: 

Sudden and eager intentions are more common for runners, because running can cause inconsistencies in the internal organs of the body, and the rider cannot escape this. Especially in long-distance riding, we eat a lot of sugary foods. Supplying energy, there is not much blood flowing through the intestines to manage the digestive system. You can alleviate this situation by adjusting your eating habits. You can eat more energy-concentrated foods such as bananas. Drinking coffee can also help.


Fingers produce a tingling sensation: 

your hands play an important role in controlling your bike. Therefore, when the fingers are stinging or numb, it is easy to cause anxiety. The place near the skin under the wrist is hidden in two very important nerves. Staying in a single position for too long in riding will put too much pressure on them, causing finger tingling and numbness, especially the little finger and ring finger. Wearing cycling gloves can alleviate this problem, and you should move your fingers and relieve stress within the allowable range.


Crazy skin itching: 

When you ride a car, the thigh skin begins to itch. In some cases, this is due to the natural reaction of the skin during dryness or warm-up, the expansion of capillaries and arteries to the vicinity and stimulation of the nerves. But for some people, it may be an allergic reaction called "sport-induced urticaria", which may cause itchy redness and rash, and even in extreme cases, it may be difficult to breathe. If you have serious symptoms, you can consult a doctor for medication, but it may cause side effects such as fatigue, weakness and abnormal heart rate. If it is just ordinary itching, you need to keep your skin moisturized.



You have successfully completed a difficult long-distance ride, and then... don’t remember where the car is parked? Can't remember what the car looks like? Don't even remember if you got the first place? After a long and arduous physical activity, it is normal to be conscious and unable to think, because exercise consumes all the glycogen in the body, which is the only nourishment of the brain. So you need to replenish your food in time to get your brain back to normal.


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