Eight attentions when you riding in lightning wheather

Summer is the season of high lightning, and it is inevitable that you will encounter thunderstorms during cycling. If you encounter lightning during the riding, you should have a sense of prevention and seek lightning protection as soon as possible.

Thunderstorm season is coming: eight attentions to lightning encounters


First, don't make yourself a cutting edge, that is, try to lower your height. Objects with metal should not be placed over the shoulders above the head, as this will increase the chance of direct lightning strikes.

Second, it is necessary to minimize the contact surface between the human body and the ground to reduce the damage of the step voltage. The best way is to find a valley or a concave land. When you have to, you can close your feet and squat down on the ground, which reduces the height and prevents the voltage from striding.

Third, in the dense woods, it is best to find a forest hollow, choose a place almost far from the surrounding trees, feet together and kneel down. At this time, the tall trees are vulnerable to lightning strikes, thus protecting the lightning strikers in open areas. It is extremely unsafe to hide from thunderstorms under large trees, because such tall objects are vulnerable to lightning strikes, and lightning strikes produce side flashovers, contact voltages, and striding voltages, which can cause death.

Fourth, riding in the mountains, such as the road to the cave can also enter the lightning. Standing in the hole, close your feet, no part of your body can touch the wall or the top of the hole. Because the cave is part of the earth's surface, once it falls, the contact voltage and stride voltage can be fatal.

5. In the case of lightning, keep away from tall objects and metal objects (such as fences, rails, etc.); it is best not to go fishing and boating in lakes, rivers, etc., and do not go swimming, because these conductors are easy to mine. Do not approach or touch any part of the lightning protection equipment to prevent side flashover, contact voltage and step voltage. In a flat open area, it is best not to ride a bicycle, because at this time you may become a prominent object in the surrounding environment and attract lightning strikes.

6. If you are at the top of the mountain, you should quickly get out of the highest point. If you are in an open space, you can't find a suitable lightning protection site quickly. You should quickly squat down on the ground and strive to put dry insulation under your body, raincoat and plastic cloth. If the conditions do not allow it, you can kneel down, legs close together, knees with both hands, head to knees, lower the height and reduce the contact area with the ground, the foot pad with insulation (such as plastic cloth, rubber items, etc.). When people are more, they should be scattered and should not be crowded together.

Seven, avoid the terrain that is easy to cause lightning strikes, such as under tall trees, under the poles, at the edge of the woods, under the house, at the top of the mountain, open water, vast wilderness, etc. If you swim in the water, you should quickly go ashore, dry your body and seek a lightning protection.

8. During the lightning period, in the wild, you should turn off your mobile phone and wireless walkie-talkie in time to ensure safety. Should stop activities, seek nearby lightning protection sites, such as caves, pieces of houses and so on. It is generally safer indoors.

How to prevent lightning strikes in thunder weather tents

1. Is the aluminum rod a good conductor, is it more attractive than lightning?

The choice of lightning is first based on the height of the conductor, between several conductors, which hits the highest. In addition, because lightning is usually rainy, whether it is a glass rod or an aluminum rod, the fabric of the tent becomes a conductor due to wet water. Therefore, in the attraction of lightning, more is determined by the height rather than the material of the pole.

2. How to avoid the tent being struck by lightning?

The damage of lightning mainly comes from two aspects: 1 is direct smashing, 2 is high voltage arc. To avoid direct shackles, the simple principle is not to be the high point of the region, and stand out from the crowd. The arc is the phenomenon of air discharge caused by the high voltage of lightning. After hitting an object, an instantaneous high voltage will form an arc near the object, causing damage. Therefore, while not becoming a high point, you should also avoid camping close to the high point, otherwise it will be hit by the arc. Therefore, the ideal way is to choose a location where the overall terrain and vegetation are at a lower level and can be kept at a distance from tall plants or buildings.

3. If it is hit, which is better for aluminum rods and glass rods?

In theory, the glass rod cannot function to share the current through the body because it is not electrically conductive, and the aluminum rod can act as a parallel conductor to help the body to withstand part of the current.

There is such a case in history that people who were struck by lightning were spared because the clothes were all wet and conductive. Therefore, the weter the tent, the more conductive the pole, and the less harmful it is after being hit. However, this does not protect the huge damage caused by the high voltage arc, so once it is hit, it is extremely dangerous. In the aspect of lightning strikes, it can be divided into two situations:

1 is the glass rod and aluminum rod which is more mine. If you ignore the actual use, the aluminum rod is indeed more lightning-proof. But in reality, since the rain tent has become a conductor as a whole, and the pole is usually not exposed outside the tent, the difference is not large. Of course, the tents on a sunny day or a large number of metal poles are not considered.

2 is if the glass rod and the aluminum rod are more likely to avoid the hazard if hit.

This problem can be seen like this:

A. We are talking about lightning hitting the tent instead of hitting the human body directly. There is no problem that the aluminum rod directly touches the human body, so this situation is completely different from the fishing rod hitting the wire to kill the person.

B. Lightning strikes the tent not directly hitting the human body. At this time, it is not the electric current that directly avoids the damage of the human body but the arc and the high temperature. Therefore, the role of the rubber-like principle is uncomfortable in this case.

C. The huge energy of lightning must be transformed. It is possible to enter the ground through the conductor, generate an electric arc, and generate high temperature.

In any case, choosing the right camp to avoid lightning strikes is the right way. The aluminum rod tent is a theoretically safer choice.

When the lightning is very strong and there is no suitable terrain, you can even pull the trekking pole or tent pole to the longest, insert it on the ground about 10 meters away from the tent, and you will curl up in the tent without the pole.

So the conclusion is like this:

1. If it is thunderstorming in rainy days, the aluminum rod is not more dangerous than the glass rod and may be safer. Because no matter what the pole tent will become a conductor at this time, the focus is on who can better digest the current after the lightning strike.

2. If it is a thunderstorm on a sunny day, the aluminum rod is more dangerous. Because only aluminum pole tents attract lightning strikes at this time.

3, the selection of the account is only a secondary lightning protection measures, the real key is to grasp the basic principles of camp selection and preventive measures to do lightning protection.

4, the tent does not constitute attracting lightning! Because the top of the tent is almost a curved object rather than a "very" sharp object. So don't attach any equipment to the tent, such as tying a flag, hand antenna, etc.

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