From the designer perspective, what is the right angle for the customized front triangle of a bike?


The structure of the frame, in fact, from the side view, is basically a diamond formed by two triangles, so there is a view of the front triangle and the back triangle, which are separated here.

Front half part: a qualified traveling frame, the front triangle should be wide enough, the upper tube is nearly horizontal, and the space in the triangle is large (at least two kettles and an air pump should be put down?) The head tube is long. After the front fork is installed, it forms an angle of about 70 degrees with the horizontal, and is parallel to the seat tube (the angle is inclined to the horizontal, the driving is stable and shock absorption is good, the angle is inclined to the vertical, and the agile road feel is direct). To lower the tube, enough space shall be provided for the wide tire and fender, and the compressed tire position of the shock absorption front fork. However, fancy design shall not be allowed as far as possible, such as curved frame and special-shaped pipe, which are not of great significance to the traveling car. Increasing unnecessary weight and processing cost, and not much improvement in strength (except for the inclined beam women's car). Remember that triangles are the most stable structure.

The wide stretch of the front triangle is to use the metal ductility to provide sufficient elasticity. Basically, the smaller the front triangle, the harder the car is, and vice versa. The posture of the horizontal pipe is comfortable and elegant, but the pipe with a certain angle will enhance the handling and off-road stability. How to choose is different from person to person. The car pictures on the front floors can see all kinds of angles. The length of the head pipe is to enhance the strength. On the one hand, if the handlebars are installed high, there are too many ugly pads and the strength is limited. On the other hand, people and luggage are pressed under the head pipe All the pressure in the front half of the car, the lower part of the front fork is directly impacted by the ground, and the angle of the front fork is the oblique force applied to the bowl group and the head tube. According to the principle of lever, the head tube is short when the force arm is short, and the moment of the front fork on the inner side of the head tube is greater. Because the head tube is a little longer, it is beneficial. Looking at the picture, it can be found that there is a long one above the head tube of many traveling frames It's not like a short mountain bike, that's the reason. In addition, if the upper tube is too high, it will knock the egg. This should also be noted that it is appropriate to stand naturally across the beam and leave an inch of the egg away from the upper tube.

Most of the frames are horizontal and inclined. For example, Kona Sutra has a picture at the front. It is no longer repeated.

Here's the wander in Germany, the tube on the curve. , and a longer head tube.


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