Give these suggestions to your bike goddess

With the popularity of cycling, more and more women are joining the ranks of cycling. However, due to the differences between women and men's physiology and other aspects, there are still many notables for cycling. Some of the following are for female friends. here are some suggestions that will give better riding experience for women.


First, choose a bicycle that suits you.

Because the female body is more petite, the upper body is shorter than the lower body and the arm is shorter. There are also bicycles on the market that adapt to the characteristics of female limbs. In addition to the small size of the frame, these vehicles will shorten the upper tube and the riser, and close the distance between the grip and the seat cushion. At the same time, the angle of the faucet will be raised or adjustable. The tube makes the car body more suitable for women's riding posture and ergonomics. Since the pelvis is wider than the male, the choice of a wide, soft cushion makes the ride more comfortable. Choosing a bicycle with a higher upper tube allows the woman to be more unobstructed and safer when getting on and off the vehicle. In addition, choosing a lightweight, feminine-painted bicycle will also give you a ride.


Second, cycling is for a healthier body. Please feel free to ride around.

At present, women still face many problems in cycling, and if they don't pay attention, they will cause hard damage to their bodies. If you have a cold, a low back pain, or a menstrual period, please avoid cycling. For female friends who are pregnant, be cautious. After all, bicycles are dangerous compared to other slow movements. If you want to maintain enough exercise for one day when you are not feeling well, you can try other sports to change the taste.

Third, perfect riding is inseparable from reasonable planning

Compared with men, women's endurance and strength are generally weaker than men's. If you are riding with a male rider, you must understand the route arrangement in advance, and adjust the riding mileage according to your actual situation. The actual itinerary, so that you are exhausted and let the relatively good physical strength of the rider in the process of slowing down and waiting for their own, if the ride on the road to stop and take care of the ride is to sweep everyone's happiness. In addition, according to the itinerary, prepare the right amount of water and food. The food preparation is the same as the route formulation. Avoid “greatness”, so as not to cause extra burden to yourself and reduce the fun of riding.


Fourth, cycling at night is not the best choice

It’s nothing new about women’s night running and snatching. Similarly, for women riding bicycles, don’t think that riding is fast (every bad guys can’t catch up?) You may encounter other problems, especially cycling. Most of the suburbs far from the urban area do not have street lights. Even if you bring your own flashlight, the unknown danger is everywhere due to the complicated road conditions and the uncertainty of driving the vehicle. The most important thing is that as a goddess who loves to ride a bicycle, it is a worrying thing to go out for a big night. For those who love you, you can try to go to bed early in the morning, get up early, and even the helmet will You don't look so beautiful when you have long hair, but remember that "the bicycle is not moving, the helmet is ahead!"

5. If you still have these skills, you will be invincible.

You may wish to learn some bicycle repair techniques, including tire repair, chain replacement, brake pad replacement, adjustment of shifting, etc. It happens that one day you ride with a group of female friends, if you can see them in the face of mechanical problems, I don’t know. When you take the time to stand up, you will definitely get endless worship.


The more they ride, the younger they are, the more beautiful!

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