How let the indoor cycling platform training say goodbye to boredom

There is no doubt that the resistance riding platform is a very useful training tool, but you can only exercise with the right method. Now, Dr. James Herrera, the founder and owner of the Performance Driven training method, coach of the US National BMX Cycling Team and curator of the book “Ride Your Way Lean”, will share five points with you, let Your indoor training becomes fun and effective, and it is no longer tedious.


Let the indoor cycling platform training say goodbye to boredom

Training time is short

Bad news: No one has a way to make endless cycling fun. The good news: there is no need to ride slowly for a long time. "If you train hard, one and a half to two hours at a time, you will get great results," Herrera said. "If you ride more than two hours, it means that you are not training effectively. It should be more efficient. "So how can it be improved? We are glad you could ask that.

Training intensity should be large

In other words, increase intensity and frequency. Let's think about it this way: You can ride for an hour at the same speed. (Boring.) Or, divide the one-hour cycling training into several time periods, like advanced strength training: ten minutes warm-up; one five-minute rhythmic riding; eight thirty-second sprints (note: you want High speed, and the speed can be maintained and repeated all the time, the eight sprints must be of equal intensity), each interval is a one-minute slow ride; return to the rhythmic riding; then take a few interval breaks; and finally cool your body.

Positive attitude

"You should be proud because you are doing what others haven't done," Herrera said. If you have space, you can free up your riding platform specifically-the basement is fine, you can decorate them to feel like a dungeon. Post some inspirational celebrity quotes and pictures on the wall. Then you go in and exercise! "I always tell them‘ if you train slowly, the game will be slow, ’” Herrera said. “You should be willing to fight.”

Simplify training

Yes, you can make your own training plan and download the songs that fit your exercise on your iPod. In other words, you can buy a cycling training video once and for all. "This prevents you from messing up your training. You just have to follow along." Herrera said. There are many video training tutorials on the market for sale, and Herrera currently respects the tutorials produced by Sufferfest. "What you see is not a person riding a motionless riding platform, but a real racing video with beautiful music," he said.

Cycling in ourdoor is better

If you have a chance to go cycling with your friends, do it decisively. "Even if the weather is cold and bad outside, riding with a group of people can be very helpful," Herrera said. "You build friendships. This is the benefit of cycling at the social level. You need it." In addition, regularly with friends Going out for a bike can increase your motivation to train alone. Your riding platform is waiting for you all the time.

Two effective methods

TV advertising method: 

Because the training in each period is exactly the time for advertising breaks, it is a good exercise opportunity for football fans-you only need to sprint in advertising time. After warming up, do your best to do the interval training of one and a half minutes to three minutes for both groups. Remember, the full strength here refers to being able to maintain. Then slow down and do five minutes of recovery training. Repeat this eight to ten times. Such a longer set of training can increase the threshold power-which is good for short slopes and catching up.

Skip the competition method: 

Contrary to the TV advertising method-this method is training during the competition, and restore physical strength during commercial insertion. The intensity should not be too large, about 80% -85%, but it lasts at least five minutes at a time. (Warm up for ten minutes, train for one hour by skipping the game, then relax for ten minutes.) Don't like watching TV for fun? Warm up for ten minutes, then do four to five groups of training, one for eight minutes, and control the intensity between 80% -85%. Cool for ten minutes. Training is complete. Long interval training is a good time trial training method, and it can also enhance the ability of continuous climbing.

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