How to brake when riding is the safest?

You may listen to some riders saying that the brakes need to brake the rear wheel. The front wheel is dangerous because the front wheel is braked, or it will slip or the person will plant a head. In fact, the concept of this main brake wheel is wrong. The purpose of the brakes is to use the friction between the wheels and the ground to slow down or even stop the car. In fact, the rear brake is used to slow down, and the front brake is used to brake. The brake function of the front brake is larger than that of the rear wheel, and the rear brake mainly controls the traveling speed. In principle, the wheel with large frictional force on the ground bears the main braking task. When braking, due to inertia, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle will move to the front wheel. The more urgent the brake is, the more the center of gravity will be on the front wheel. The weight of the distribution is reduced, the friction on the ground is also reduced, and the braking effect is deteriorated. If you only brake the rear wheel, the car can't stop, you can only continue to force the brakes, then the rear wheel is locked, the side slip occurs, and the danger is like a ring. So how to brake is the safest?


How to brake when riding is the safest?

For the disc brakes and V brakes commonly used in mountain bikes and folding bikes, the braking force on the design is greater than the friction between the tire and the ground. That is to say, when the brakes are fully applied, the tires will be locked. Therefore, when the mountain bike and the folding bike are in sudden braking, the front and rear brakes should be used at the same time. The power of the front brakes is 6-7 layers, and the power of the rear brakes is 3-4 layers. At the same time, push the cart forward and try to push your body's center of gravity to the rear wheel so that you can get the maximum braking effect and avoid the side slip caused by the tire lock.

When the road car brakes, it is still necessary to use the brakes according to the ratio of the first 7 and the last 3, because the center of the road car rides more forward, the inertia of the brake will make the friction between the front wheel and the ground much larger than the rear wheel. Because the brake clamp of the road car uses a shorter brake block, the friction between the brake block and the rim is slightly smaller than the friction between the tire and the ground, so the road car is less likely to cause the tire to lock up, and the safety of the high-speed brake. It is higher than the V brake and disc brake, but the emergency brake at low speed is slightly worse.

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The brakes on the bicycle in the corner are very dangerous. The grip on the front wheels in the corners becomes very complicated, and accidental locking of the front or rear wheels can lead to immediate crashes. Therefore, it is very prudent to use the brakes in the corners, the average before and after the force, and completely avoid the strong braking in the corners. As long as you completely decelerate before entering the corner, you can prevent danger.

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