How to choose the riding pants when you ride the bike

Wearing a colorful jersey while riding a bike is not for the coolness of B. It has powerful functionality to reduce wind resistance, perspiration and protection. Breathe in the ride, fast sweating and keep your body dry.

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Cycling pants must be carefully selected, long distance riding, a little uncomfortable place will become serious, riding cushions on the cushion determines whether you can sit in the car. There are many kinds of materials for riding cushions, such as sponge and silica gel.

Give everyone a brain to supplement the knowledge of professional cycling pants

1. Elastic fabric:

It is good for wrapping the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, and has the function of protecting the moving muscles (the same effect as the running tights).

2. Tight design:

It is beneficial to reduce the wind resistance when riding a bicycle. When the thigh moves up and down, the friction between the inner side of the thigh and the seat is reduced, and the skin of the thigh is protected from being scratched.

3. Inner pad design:

Can properly absorb shock, spread pressure distribution, reduce cycling discomfort and pressure.


4. Fabric and inner pad materials are special:

Made of special materials, it can effectively guide and dissipate heat and emit sweat.

Wearing pants is not suitable for wearing underwear.

Cycling pants are worn for three purposes: reducing wind resistance, increasing the comfort of the buttocks and seat cushions, and reducing friction.

The reason why the friction is reduced is that long-distance cycling pants will cause different degrees of inflammation or other skin problems when rubbing the skin for a long time, and the material of the cycling pants can effectively reduce the friction. If you wear the underwear, you will ride. The friction-reducing effect of the pants is isolated and does not work.

Moreover, the underwear is generally cotton, and the perspiration function is poor, and the humidity and the large friction force are harmful to the human body.

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