how to choose the right Cassette for your bike?


For the flywheel of a touring car, it is necessary to choose the one with a wide range of teeth as much as possible. For example, from the minimum to the maximum, the change of teeth should be about three times as much as possible. If it is too small, the adjustable range of transmission ratio is small, and it is too large, which is meaningless. For example, 11-34t is good, which is usually a mountain flywheel. However, the range of teeth between each piece of highway flywheel is very small, which is for the convenience of drivers to find the most accurate transmission ratio at any time, so as to maximize the trampling efficiency, which is not suitable for long-distance. Long-distance travel is not a ring road, speed is not the first consideration, and the adaptability of the whole road is the key.

For the selection of flywheels for long-distance travel vehicles, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. The flywheels of Cameo are better than those of whirling, with more scientific and durable structure. Whirling is out of date and has no advantages. Cameo can be compatible with most of the flower drums commonly seen on the market; 2. The flywheels of Shimano and SRAM can be replaced separately for the sake of serious wear of common cogs; 3. The flywheels of Shimano and SRAM can be connected. Use; 4. Similarly, the more expensive the flywheel, the better. Shimano's cs-hg53 level is enough (in Shimano's naming rules, CS stands for cassette, which is the model code of flywheel). 73 is better. XT is the best choice. For advanced ones such as XTR, there is no need. A large amount of extra spending will not bring any help to your vehicle performance improvement. 5. In order to lighten the weight of some advanced flywheels, they will hollow out the teeth in large blocks, or cut them out with aluminum material through CNC milling machine. The hollow out under the same material will inevitably affect the strength and rigidity, and the increase in processing cost will also increase the price. However, it will not let you ride faster when it is applied to the traveling car.

Appearance difference between highway flywheels and mountain flywheels (the same is 9 speeds):

Cs-hg50-9r highway flywheel:

CS-HG73 MTB Freewheel:

Too much cutout is not suitable for long-distance travel:


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