How to choose the right head set and how to install it right?


It is easy to be neglected, but the key is that it is one of the most active and stressed parts on the bicycle. Fortunately, the structure is simple, the technology is mature, and there is not much to tangle with.

1. Choose the right caliber, 1 inch, 1.125, 1.5 and so on. They are built-in and external. Threads and non-threads are also related to the front fork and handle. Some cars can only use threaded headsets to support the vertical use (Quill Stem) of the small pipe inserted into the head pipe.

FSA dental headset:


Chris King's 1.5 cups The toothless headset

2. At present, as long as it is a serious brand of the headset, the quality is guaranteed, such as Ritchey, FSA, Cane Creek, VP and so on, are enough. The better thing is Chris King, which is more expensive than Chris King, is mostly better than lightweight, and is not recommended in the traveling car. (With Reset or Tune Bowl Group on Nicholai, German car German accessories may be more eye-catching.)

Reset's headset:



headset heart tries not to use the kind of expansion bolt, although convenient, the kind of more firmly knocked in. Watch out! Plus: It needs to be verified here. My statement comes from several mechanics and the fact that I used Neco inflatable flower heart. At that time, it was thought that the contact area was large and the pressure was small, which resulted in insufficient locking force. What the brother commented below said is not unreasonable for me to think carefully. This should also be discussed and studied by senior people.

Whether this structure is more robust and durable remains to be examined.



Installation, try not to find a skilled master, must have special tools, knock with wooden or rubber hammer, underneath the frame pad, a variety of washer bearing sequence is correct, many repair technicians do not know the washer sequence of some unusual headset. I can't rest assured that I'll come by myself. Appropriate and careful way can be, not technical work.

5. After the newly installed headset or the front fork is replaced, the front brake must be tightened and shaken back and forth to see if it is tightened. If the ball is loose on the road, it is easy to break down, and even worse, the nodding pipe will break down. Next, try not to lock the bolts of the stand and flower heart on the road, and check whether they are tightened from time to time.

Add a question about the selection of headset. In terms of the headset manufacturing process, whether it is 1 inch or 1 1 /8-inch head tube, the toothless bowl group will tend to get greater strength than the toothed bowl group.

The reasons are as follows:

Because of the need to tap high precision threads, the upper gear of the toothed headset can not be processed with medium and high carbon bearing steel. The steel with medium or low carbon content must be processed first, then carburized, nitrided and quenched to obtain higher hardness and wear resistance.

Unlike the toothless headset, bearing steel can be processed by grinding.

The toothless headset with more than one working procedure is more likely to have processing defects than the toothless headset with uniform material as a whole. Although in fact there are few processing defects in the high-end headset, this factor can not be ignored.

The headset using bearings will not be affected by the above factors.

Therefore, if you set up your own car, you should consider the headset when choosing the frame.

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