How to figure out an right size for your titanium bike frame?

                                                                 Titanium BIke frame's size

As the whole bike's framework, the frame will affect your riding posture and comfortable on a big scale, so it is definitely important to choose a suitable bike frame.

一:Simple diagrams will clarify the MTB bike size you need


二: Formular calculation

1.Measure the thigh-length i

It is better to wear a cycling suit and stand on the horizontal hard ground with one person as the assistant. Stand upright with feet about ten centimeters apart. Place the book or something similar on the crotch and apply a force less than the seat to measure the distance from the top of the book to the ground:i


2.  Measure the body length t

The method is as the same as point 1, measure the distance between the V bone bottom and the top of the book.


3. Measure the arm length a

Stand horizontally, stretch your arms and palms forward, and measure the distance from the mouth of the tiger to the place where the ribs are located.

4. Measuring shoulder width s 

Stand upright and relax your arms. Measure the width of the shoulder joint.


Measure each dimension three times, take the average value.

According to the above data, you can get the frame size you need:

road bike frame size = i X 0.67(cm)

Mtb frame size =(i*0.67-11.0) X  0.394(inch)