How to master the scientific bicycle exercise method

How to exercise through the bicycle is correct, what kind of exercise do you want to achieve through the bicycle? According to different intentions, purposely adopt different bicycle exercise methods to better achieve the effect you want.


1. Fat-reducing cycling method: riding at medium speed, generally requires continuous uninterrupted riding for more than 40 minutes, and pay attention to regular breathing, which is very effective for reducing fat.

2, the power type cycling method: that is, according to different conditions, force to ride, such as: adjust the gear size when going uphill or uphill (limited to 5 speed or 10 speed adjustable speed bicycle), this method can improve the legs Muscle strength or muscle endurance quality.

3. Intermittent cycling method: When riding a bicycle, first ride at a slow speed for 1 to 2 minutes, then ride at 1.5 to 2 times for 2 minutes, then ride slowly, then return to fast, so alternate Cycling exercise can improve the adaptability of the trainer to aerobic exercise.

4, the intensity of the cycling method: first ask to ride at their own 60% limit speed for 5 to 7 minutes, followed by using the code table to observe their pulse per minute, so that they are in the cardiopulmonary training interval, so that you can achieve exercise The effect of the vascular system.

5, the core muscle riding method: the hips leave the seat during the ride, but do not stand straight body, while the core part (waist and abdomen) force to control the body balance, using this method can train the core muscle strength.


Pls notice as following:

1. Remember to wear professional sports gloves during exercise, one is non-slip, and the other is to protect your hands after falling.

2. The position of the seat. The person stands on the ground, one leg is raised, and the height of the thigh parallel to the ground is the same height as the height of the seat.

3. No matter what kind of bicycle you ride, if you want to reduce fat, you need to replenish it every 5 to 10 minutes.

4, do not recommend weight-bearing (back shoulder bag) cycling training, bicycle exercise is mainly the duration of time, if you load and then ride, you may hurt the back and lumbar spine.

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