How to properly handle accidental injuries during riding

How to properly handle accidental injuries during riding

Cycling is a very good fitness and leisure sport, but this kind of outdoor sports is dangerous. How to deal with accidental injuries quickly and effectively when encountering injuries is a top priority, but also pay attention to Can not make self-proclaimed self-righteous rescue of the injured, improper handling will make the wounded suffer more trauma, the following is the experience that many friends have summarized together.

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(a) knee pain

Cycling is an ideal exercise for your knees. Doctors also recommend people with bad knees to exercise on bicycles. However, studies have shown that if the rider does not operate properly, the knee will be injured.

When you ride for two hours, your knees need to be bent about 10,000 times. If your knees are painful, you can apply ice to your knees, but only for 20 minutes. The main thing is to use the correct pedaling method to protect your knees; to do the right warm-up exercises. When it is cold, the human body sends the blood back to the heart, and the blood circulation at the joints is reduced. Be sure to pay attention to the warmth at the knees! When cycling in cold weather, wear knee pads or long pants with long ankles!

(b) low back pain

If you have not been riding a bicycle for a long time or if your riding strength is too strong, you may feel low back pain. This pain sometimes extends to the legs. The more you ride, the more energetic your back muscles are; the abdominal muscles and back muscles support the waist, so exercise these parts while training; high-quality double-damped bicycles also help to reduce the pain in the lower back.

(c) neck pain

If you stretch your neck for a long time, your neck muscles will feel sore. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the posture of the bicycle is correct before riding. Be careful not to push the cap of the hat too low, it will cause your head to rise abnormally and increase the muscle tension in the neck. Wear professional non-slip glasses to avoid the problem that the glasses caused by sweating slide down and the cap is depressed.

The upper body stretches straight, and the back arches, the neck muscles are always in tension! The handlebars should not be caught too tightly, the elbows and shoulders should sink; the whole body is relaxed to ensure flexible upper body movement. If the pain is more severe, please massage the massage or perform physical therapy to relieve the pain in the neck. If the pain persists, you will need to find a spine massager to massage the bones.

(4) skin abrasions

Skin abrasions are not serious, only capillary damage, blood infiltration into the surrounding muscle tissue. However, if dust, sand and other foreign matter enter the wound, it will cause wound infection! Putting the bruised place up helps prevent bleeding. The wound needs to be cleaned with a brush. In order to keep the wound clean, the clothes are loose. Intensive dose, injection of tetanus vaccine.

(5) skin inflammation

When this happens, the rider will feel very uncomfortable. Inflamed areas are usually the groin, inner thighs, nipples, feet and neck! Pay attention to personal hygiene, the medicine box should be clean, and the body and clothing should be treated in time for antibacterial treatment. Before the departure, use Vaseline and tea tree oil to wipe the areas that are prone to inflammation, and lubricate and protect them. If the weather is warmer, wear clothes that are thinner and looser.

(6) Sunburn

Skin damage and inflammation due to prolonged exposure to UV light. After sunburn, the skin first turns red, bursts, and then peels, sometimes accompanied by burning sensation, itching, and even blisters! Apply sunscreen to face, nose, arms, arms, neck, ears, bare legs and more. The tissue at the scar is very sensitive to sunlight. If there are scars, cover it with clothes and other things. Wear leg sleeves and arm sleeves on the legs and arms. Calamine solution and ice cubes help to relieve sunburn. Insist on using a better quality body lotion to relieve symptoms and keep the sunburned parts moist.

(7) hemorrhoids

Acne is a kind of abscess, which is very painful. It occurs mostly between the legs. It is caused by the friction between the skin and the cushion and the skin damage caused by mutual extrusion. Sometimes it is caused by endogenous hair. of. After these acne are infected with sweat, it is easy to purulent, so it is impossible to ride a bicycle within one or two days after the appearance of hemorrhoids! Buy high quality cycling shorts. After the ride, take off the sweat-soaked shorts and immediately put on clean, dry pants after showering. If you have hemorrhoids, wait until the hemorrhoids mature, cut it, squeeze out the pus, and then disinfect. At the same time, the hot hair wax is used to remove the sweat from the infected part to prevent the acne from getting worse.

However, if you encounter an unusual situation, you must not make your own claim that you are dealing with it. Here is an example of what happens to a rider.

When a cycling team traveled, they encountered an emergency. One team member was injured. The other team member did not listen to the advice to help the injured person to cripple, massage, etc., and sent to the hospital for examination results showed that the injured person was broken and misplaced. Therefore, in the case of an acute injured person, it is not clear where the specific injury is. If it is not handled properly, it will bring more trauma to the injured person. At this time, you must calmly comfort the injured. The easiest way to deal with it is to use ice or cold water immediately (if the bleeding is not available, then this method is not available), then wait for 120 or send it to a nearby hospital for the doctor to handle. We are not doctors, we don't know how to deal with these injured people professionally. Don't make your own claim to move the injured or help the injured to massage. In case of injury and bleeding, we should be careful to help the injured person to use the belt or cloth to stop bleeding, and then immediately sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, and then sent to an authoritative hospital for emergency treatment.

In a word, you must pay attention to safety when you go out to ride a bicycle, and be fully prepared in advance.

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