How to protect your eyes when you riding outdoor

As the window of the human heart, the eye is the first way to receive information from the outside world, and it is also the most vulnerable to the sun, sand and sand. When riding outdoors, the eyes will inevitably be exposed to the outdoors for a long time and suffer various unexpected injuries. Therefore, you must take care of your eyes while riding a bicycle outdoors.


In the process of riding, the speed of the car can reach tens of kilometers per hour. When we expose the naked eye at this time, the wind blowing in the face is undoubtedly a major injury to the eyes. In addition, if the wind is encountered, the eyes will easily enter the sand, and the wind will blow. If it is not protected, it will naturally cause trachoma, and the eyes will often be red and congested. In order to avoid this situation, it is better to wear the windproof glasses that fit the face.

During the daytime outdoors, the glare of the sun often shines on people who can’t open their eyes and feel uncomfortable. This feeling must be felt without much need. It is like a strong light in the dark night, which makes people temporarily blind. For a long time, it will cause cataract in the eyes. The most effective way to avoid glare from hurting your eyes is to bring a pair of sunglasses and not to look directly at the glare.

Protecting the eyes is a very important thing. We need to start from the details when riding a bicycle. In addition to the helmet when preparing for travel, another essential equipment is riding glasses. Unlike cycling glasses and sunglasses, don't use sunglasses when riding. Because riding glasses have a more windproof effect than sunglasses, don't underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your chance of conjunctivitis. Therefore, generally good riding glasses, when the speed of riding is too fast, will make your eyes feel the wind. Cycling glasses must not be made of glass for lens materials, because it will greatly enhance your chance of injury when you crash, while using resin can protect your glasses from scratches.

The most commonly used cycling glasses are five colors: black, blue, yellow, transparent, and rhodium-plated.

 Different colors of cycling glasses have different functions, and riders can choose different colors of lenses according to the destination and weather conditions of the ride.

1. Black: Generally used at noon in the strong sunlight.

2. Blue: Use in foggy weather or in low visibility weather.

3. Yellow: Increase sharpness by increasing contrast in the evening.

4. Transparent film: mainly used for wind blocking, can greatly reduce the chance of suffering from conjunctivitis.

5. Plated lens: In the snow or plateau strong light and strong ultraviolet light, the bicycle rider who wants to go to the plateau must prepare a pair.

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