How to use roller rigs to assist in road bike training?

In addition to training the pedaling ability, the drum type riding platform can also train balance and coordination.

There are always a lot of unreasonable reasons for us not to go out for cycling. At this time, we should not consider indoor riding on the platform. In fact, the riding platform can not only maintain the strength of outdoor riding, but also the advantages of outdoor training:

1. Can control the training environment, for example, to adjust for temperature or humidity;

2. Can strengthen training for specific training subjects;

3. Make good use of limited time for training;

4. No training will be interrupted due to climate, traffic conditions or other human factors.


At present, the riding platform can be divided into a drum type and a fixed type, and the drum type is to be discussed in this paper. Some riders have fears about the roller-type riding platform, thinking that it is a customs clearance prop that the "old driver" has mastered, but as long as you master the essentials, you will find it will become an indispensable part of your daily training.

In fact, the principle of the drum type riding platform is very simple, the modern version has been greatly improved compared to the past - more friendly. Most of the drums are now made smaller, even if they fall down and the buttocks are not blooming, some manufacturers also refer to the drum of a specific shape, which is easier to start. However, it is still necessary to remind the novice that it is a little tricky to get started with the drum type than the fixed type of riding platform.

The benefits of a roller-type riding platform

The drum type riding platform has two major advantages over the fixed type of riding platform. One is to improve balance and control. If you feel that it is difficult to get an energy bar from the pocket of a cycling suit while riding a bicycle, it is really necessary to practice balance and control.

Edmund Burke, a former physiologist and coach of the American Cycling Team, author of "Serious Cycling" is deeply convinced that "Easy to play the roller-type riding platform for a few weeks, improve handling will help you to succeed to successful drivers. ""

Roller table 2

Sell oil Weng Yun, only hand, you don’t have too much psychological barrier to this.

Second, the drum type is suitable for high-frequency training. Jamie Pringle, a senior physiologist at the British Institute of Physical Education, believes that this training is of great benefit to the driver. "Efficient pedaling ensures the efficiency of the power output, which is irrelevant to the size of the engine. It is indeed the top. One of the reasons why the driver stands out. You can step on the fixed riding platform, which is not feasible in the drum type."

The use of a roller-type riding platform also requires you to concentrate on cycling, and you don't have to fix the bike in a position before each ride. Of course, the drum type is not perfect, you can hardly output the general strength of the fixed riding platform. Therefore, experts also recommend combining these two types of riding platforms for indoor training, "drum type for warm-up and recovery, and fixed type for high-light training."


Novice skills:

1. Get on the bus: Turn the car into a low-speed gear and place the riding platform near the wall or doorway to facilitate the ride. Ensure that the wheel set is in the middle of the roller, hold the wall with one hand, and step on the bicycle with a speed of 60 rpm. If someone helps, let him hold the handlebar, you will be easier to get started after balancing.

2. Look forward: Don't stare at the front wheel or the roller, keep the tire in the middle of the roller and then leave the wall, slowly speed up the cadence, so you will be proficient in the past few exercises.

3. Focus on: Don't watch TV at a strange angle or don't look over to see who is coming in... When you stop, slow down slowly, hold the wall before you stop, and give yourself a "step" under.

Roller platform 3

Let’s talk about an example of training with a roller rig.


1. Warm-up: Jamie Pringle's pre-breakfast training program is useful for those who divide the daily training schedule into two. It is more beneficial than long-term single training every day.

0-10minutes: Maintain a cadence of 90-100 rpm with a relatively easy tooth ratio, and increase the gear ratio after 10 minutes of pedaling;

10-15minutes: Continue to improve the cadence (100-110rpm), you may feel more difficult, but still able to hold, slowly increase the heart rate to 80-90% of the maximum heart rate.

15-20minutes: Hold on for another five minutes.

20-15minutes: 20 seconds high speed output 90 seconds recovery training, so repeated three times.

2, accelerated training: the ideal training method to improve the cadence, can also be used as a warm-up before the game or a fixed-type riding platform before training.

0-5minutes: Easily step on with a mid-speed gear until the cadence is increased to 100 rpm.

5-5:30minutes: Keep the same gear, accelerate to the maximum cadence (you won't shake in the car), hold for 30 seconds, then concentrate on relaxing the calf and soles.

5.5-20:30minutes: Accelerate exercises every 5 minutes, and recover at 90-100 rpm at other times.

Use the riding platform training to pay attention to the maximum length of the training for a riding platform not more than two and a half hours. When you are ready to convert any of the outdoor training subjects to the riding platform, it is best to subtract 20% of the total starting time. This is because riding in the outdoor riding on the riding platform takes more physical strength when calculated with the same training time. You have to know that there is no downhill on the riding platform, there is no downhill or there is a traffic signal that allows you to take a break. So still an old saying, proper exercise!

Time when outdoor riding is converted to the riding platform

Outdoor riding time-----Cycling time

2.5 hours-------------------2 hours

2 hours --------------------1.5 hours

1.5 hours -------------------1.25 hours

1 hour ----------------------45 minutes

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