I know cycling is good for health, but I never thought it could cure diseases!

I know cycling is good for health, but I never thought it could cure diseases!

I always heard that riding a bicycle is good for health, but I didn't think it could cure diseases. ! Take a look at what cycling can cure


The pedal has the benign stimulation to the sole acupoint

Zhang xiuchun, a 70-year-old female cyclist from shenyang, has been cycling for 15 years.

Over the past 15 years, she has cycled more than 50 kilometers every day. Bird island, qipan mountain and qixing wetland park are her frequent places. In 15 years, she has changed four bikes, leaving behind her and her cyclists in xinjiang, Tibet, guangxi and guizhou.

"For busy office workers, cycling to work is the most efficient form of exercise. "Zhang xiuchun thinks, cycle goes to work, did not pay extra time, and maintained the exercise of medium intensity, foot pedal imperceptible in the massage stimulation to the foot bottom acupoint, in fact very beneficial to the body.

The advantage of cycling over running is that it is less likely to cause joint damage, especially for weight loss.

For them, the first choice to lose weight is not jogging, but cycling, which can reduce knee injury. At the same time to alleviate urban traffic congestion, protection of the environment is also very beneficial.


Helps insulin secretion and relieves diabetes

Many elderly people suffer from diabetes, which can be cured by cycling. The main cause of diabetes is insufficient insulin secretion, while exercise can assist the insufficient insulin secretion and help cells to take blood sugar.

Inadequate insulin secretion, whether congenital or acquired, as long as you can cooperate with the diet control. After the meal, with light exercise, the first consumption of some blood sugar, plus exercise and can assist cells to absorb blood sugar.

Bicycle patrol after meals for 30 minutes, is indeed absolutely significant for diabetes.


Cycling reduces blood pressure and fat

In foreign countries, it is common to use bicycles to keep fit. As a sport, cycling has slow movements and is easy to implement. Moreover, it is very safe for some people who may suffer from hypertension and more effective than drugs.

Exercise makes blood vessels thicker, blood flow faster, there is a natural antihypertensive effect!


Prevent brain aging and develop the right side of the brain

Ride a bicycle, two legs pedal alternately can make left, right side brain function can be developed at the same time, can prevent premature senility and partial neglect.


Prevent mental illness, and delight body and mind

I think this is very important. Cycling can make us fully contact with the outdoors and relax our mood. Nowadays, office workers have more or less work, family and social pressure.


Picture yourself riding a beloved bike with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the wild. How sweet that picture is! Is not immediately what worries are gone?