Knee-padging method when you having long-distance riding

Knee-padging method when you for long-distance riding

The correct method of riding is that it does not damage the knee joints. Some cases are caused by incorrect riding methods. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this. It is important to ride health and protect the knees.


Prevention is very important

The most important thing to protect your knees is "prevention": the bigger problem is that knee injuries are caused by injuries or damage to tissues that are not easily regenerated, such as cartilage and meniscus. These tissues don't grow like muscles quickly. Cartilage length includes eating a lot of Glucosamine (salt of grape salt, not calcium), and eating a lot has only a limited effect.

These organizations can be considered non-renewable for a few years or even longer. It is really helpful to do targeted muscle exercise, but the effect is only "help", that is, the correct result is far from "preventing". In fact, people who like to carry a big backpack to self-abuse can easily break through the ability of their well-maintained knees within a few days, and fall down to the root cause of many years.


It is important to maintain the correct riding posture

1. Use high speed (90~100rpm) and select light (low speed) to step on

If you use high cadence, the force on your knees will be reduced each time, so you can effectively protect your knees. Some friends are self-sufficient in physical strength. In order to get speed when climbing, they have the right to squat down the bicycle. After all, the knee joint is limited in strength. It is not surprising that such a large force affects the knee joint. Therefore, those with severe knee injuries are generally those with better physical strength.


2, the cushion is adjusted to the appropriate position

The more the knee bends when riding a bicycle, the greater the pressure, so the average person seeks safety. When riding the bicycle, the seat is adjusted very low, so that when the problem occurs, the foot can be used to support the ground, but the low riding posture directly causes With the huge pressure on the knee, it can be said that if you always choose this kind of riding position, the knee joint will soon have problems, which is for sure. The correct seat height is: When you are riding a bicycle, your legs are almost straight after the pedals are pushed to the end, but there is a little bend to facilitate the rotation.


3. When the knee is stepping, the knee should move vertically on a horizontal plane.

The movement of the knee is not a simple movement on the plane like a hinge, but there is a slight rotation in the activity. For example, pay attention to your kneecap when riding, if he is vertical up and down, but not Before and after the shaking, the pressure on the knee is very little, but your kneecap is in a figure-eight or S-shaped movement (viewed from the side), which may cause knee injury.

4. Exercise strong and soft muscles.

Usually do more leg muscle exercise, try to reduce the resistance to the knee. To prevent sports injuries in the knee joint, you can exercise stretching and weight training for a long time to exercise the flexor muscles on the back of the quadriceps. If the quadriceps are strong, the knees will be stronger and less likely to be injured.


Consciously strengthen the exercise of the quadriceps (anterior thigh) and cruciate ligament, strengthen the muscles of the quadriceps and thigh muscles (such as weight-bearing squats), combined with muscle stretching, walking, walking or sticking Wall practice and other methods, paving the way for the smooth movement of the tibia in the femur.

The muscles are like rubber bands. If they are very elastic, they won't break. If they are stiff, they may break. The higher the temperature, the softer the muscle will be, and it will be easy to be loosened. Therefore, keep warm when riding, otherwise the cold air will make the muscles stiff and easy to cause injury. You can use your hands and fingers to rub the lower edge of your knees to promote the lubrication of your knees at night.


We must pay more attention to this problem when riding a bicycle. If you accidentally cause the above example, you will regret it, but in order to avoid this problem, you Still have to remember that the above practices are safer.

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