Precautions for pregnant women: I just love riding, don't let me stop

Nowadays, the girls who love cycling are getting more and more, and they are a beautiful landscape on the road. However, because of the difference in the natural structure of men and women, girls are always limited by some force majeure factors, and pregnancy is one of them. According to the general concept, it is best not to have any big moves after pregnancy, and it is best to go out and take a step. Cycling is simply a trick. In fact, this concept is wrong. Insist on exercise can help you stay healthy during pregnancy, enhance your heart and lungs and muscle function, and help you give birth. Cycling is one of the most rewarding exercise programs. This conclusion is not written by Xiaobian himself. It is the NHS (National Health Service). Of course, how to exercise during pregnancy, or learn to be inside.

Although there is no specific evidence that high-intensity exercise can harm your baby, it is necessary to reduce high-intensity training. After all, raising a baby in your body already accounts for most of your energy, and then training with high intensity will make you very tired. We need to exercise scientifically and comfortably.


1. Communicate with your doctor is the number one priority when you are pregnant. Let him know how much exercise you have now and what level of training you can do during pregnancy. If you have any medical reasons to stop exercising, then you must follow the doctor's advice. In fact, it is only nine months.

2, the fetus in the early pregnancy is not stable, try not to ride a bicycle, especially the road conditions of long-distance bumps and traffic, it is easy to cause miscarriage. Listen to your body command. When your body signals you to "slow down" or "should stop", you must follow.

3, the first three months of pregnancy is the most difficult time, the placenta begins to grow slowly, and the nutrients in your body gradually flow to the baby. Especially in the evening, you will feel even less powerful. At this time, you should try to avoid long-term hard and high-intensity bicycle training in the evening and change into morning morning exercise. You can ride in the middle or late pregnancy, but follow the doctor's advice and pay attention to safety.

Pregnant woman riding


Such a mom looks cool. However, we still recommend that all mothers, when riding a car to encounter steep slopes or roads are not too flat, do not barely ride, due to severe vibration and excessive force can easily cause perineal damage, but also easily affect the fetus.

4. You may have heard that exercise can help alleviate the morning sickness of pregnancy. I am sure this will work in some cases, but in my personal case, during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, my pregnancy reaction is very strong, I feel overwhelmed, not to mention exercise. Don't rely on "the truth in the book", or a friend's swear, or even a doctor's advice, as long as you feel a little discomfort, you must reduce the intensity of exercise. Too intense riding activity is likely to cause congestion in the lower abdomen, leading to premature birth and miscarriage.

5, the third trimester of the fetus is stable, you can travel by bicycle. However, you need to raise the handlebars, or put a thick and soft cotton seat cover on the seat, adjust the inclination of the seat, make the back slightly higher, etc. to reduce your light pressure. Don't ride a men's bicycle with a beam to avoid getting in and out.

6. Don't ride on a steep slope or ride on a bumpy road because it is easy to cause perineal damage.

In general, pregnant women are not suitable for cycling. Because cycling travel can make pregnant women too tired, coupled with changes in the climate, it is a bad stimulus for pregnant women and the fetus in the abdomen.

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