Riding knowledge: Causes and treatment of cramps when riding

The most common phenomenon in sports injuries - cramps. What is cramping in the end? Cramps are actually muscle spasms, which refers to the phenomenon that muscles in a certain part of the body are involuntarily and strongly contracted, and cannot be quickly relaxed. The most common part of the cramps occurs on the back side of the calf, on the back side of the thigh, and on the front side of the thigh. In addition, cramps may occur in small muscles involving the feet, fingers, arms, abdomen, and even the ribs.


When cramping, the whole muscle will become hard, and sometimes you can even see muscle twitching under the skin. The time of muscle spasm may disappear after a few seconds, and it may last for more than 15 minutes. If it is not handled in time or the original movement is interrupted, it may happen repeatedly in a short time.

The real cause of cramps during exercise is not conclusive, but it is generally believed that this is due to the interaction of many factors.

The phenomenon of cramps and its causes:

1. Lack of sufficient stretching before exercise;

2. The muscles are tired due to excessive use;

3. Exercise in a hot climate;

4. The ambient temperature suddenly changes;

5, too much water loss;

6. Electrolyte imbalance;

7. The exercise posture is incorrect;

8, the mood is too nervous;

9, the diet is not balanced, the side effects of drugs.


Treatment of cramps while riding:

1. Immediately interrupt the ongoing exercise;

2, to the cool and ventilated place, and add water, sports drinks are particularly good;

3. Slowly stretch the muscles that are licking, or you can make a moderate massage in the cramps;

4, during the treatment, can be supplemented by hyperthermia or cold therapy. Whether it is a sports spray or a hot and cold pack, it has a good effect.

Riding prevention

In the "warm exercise" and "after exercise" before the exercise, the action of "stretching" is strengthened.

During exercise, while replenishing water, it can supplement sodium (salt) and electrolyzed water to balance potassium and sodium in the body. Drinking sports drinks such as Baolili can supplement sodium and electrolyzed water at the same time, and it can quickly absorb moisture from the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the weight burden of the gastrointestinal tract. (Eating salt and salt, not only better, but also the role of balanced potassium.)

Proper and gradual movement. Cramps are the body that warns us that the current amount of exercise has exceeded our ability. That is to say, our usual amount of exercise is not enough, we must practice more. When cramping occurs in the bicycle, in addition to the above-mentioned emergency treatment, at least a few days of hot compress and massage should be taken after returning home, and the methicillin salt is pushed away and diluted, otherwise the cramps will be easy to reproduce.


Special reasons for riding sports cramps

Gear ratio: Gear ratio <heavy> is also one of the causes of cramps. You can try a lighter gear ratio (UCI's prescribed gear ratio for teenagers is lighter than adults, just to protect underage development.) A lighter gear ratio and a diligent number of turns are definitely the right ideas. In the area of climbing <steep slope> , the gear ratio of lighter one is used, which has more unexpected advantages. However, the gear ratio is <light>, which sometimes makes you feel impatient. As long as you are not in a hurry, you will experience the benefits of gear ratio .

Improper ride posture: The seat cushion is too low, too far forward or too late, which will result in a knee or muscle burden. There have been cases of fractures of the crossbow in the knee. In the riding position, please pay attention to the "three-point adjustment method" to correct it.

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