Riding skills for ice and bad weather

The idea of cycling in the winter can make the most determined road riders retreat, think of keeping warm in the snowy and chilly winds, and try to ride the bike. It seems that riding the bench or lying down is more attractive.

In fact, as long as you have the proper winter cycling equipment and master these basic safety tips, you can still ride out and get the same health, fitness and economic benefits as summer. Even many coaches and experienced drivers who ride bicycles all the year say that bravely facing these situations can strengthen your mental qualities, and these gains are only realized in summer sports, competitions or hard riding.

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Meet the ice

The lingering frost or black ice can make anyone unprepared, even the days of blue sky and white clouds and the sun. The cloudless day is usually accompanied by nights below freezing. Even if the sun comes out, it will not rise to a high level. It will not feel warm, and it will only show a long shadow.

Plus drivers who don't have enough training time usually like to go out and ride in the morning, so riding on the ice in the shadows will have a higher chance of losing grip.

One of the most important reasons for the formation of black ice is that after the ice and snow are frozen, some of the melted, and the melted water is frozen before flowing into the drain, so a thin transparent ice layer is left on the road surface. .

If you are riding in such an environment, carefully choose your route and take only those roads that have already been treated. Of course, there is still a problem. In many places, water dispersants and salt will be sprayed on the road. After a few days, the road will be very slippery.

Be especially careful about exposed roads, such as empty roads on both sides, the cold will blow the tar there colder – always keep your eyes on the road ahead, ready to deal with the ice, if there is enough time And on the premise of ensuring safety, it is still around.

If you accidentally ride on the ice, don't do any sudden movements - don't turn the handlebars or tilt the body quickly or sharply, and don't suddenly or urgently brake. Of course, if you are riding black ice on a downhill corner, you can only expect a soft landing...

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