Seven items necessary for riding out

As the saying goes, do it yourself and get enough food. When you go out to ride, you should be as self-sufficient as possible. Because you don't know where your bike will be blown out, if it's in the wilderness, and you don't have any tools, it would be a very unfortunate thing. Therefore, some equipment must be carried when we go out to ride, they can help you solve the problems you may encounter while riding.


First, spare tire

Tied tires are the most common problem of riding out. So carry a tube that fits your bike. The spare tire takes up little space and is easy to use. It can be replaced in a short time and continue to ride.

Second, tire repair tools

In addition to the spare tire, you also need a set of tire repair tools. You may ask, if you have a spare tire, and then bring a tire repair tool, how much is it? This is a bad question. Murphy's theorem reminds us that the inner tube that has just been replaced may be broken again. In addition, the tire repair tool can help others. Why do you not do it?

In addition, the tire repair tool is not only small in size, but also can be used to deal with possible defects in all tires.

Third, the tire spoon

Tire bars are also used when repairing tires. The tire spoon can be inserted into the gap between the tire and the rim, and the tire is pulled down. Then repairing or replacing the inner tube is a piece of cake. And the tire spoon can be placed in the pocket of a riding bag or a cycling suit. You must not forget them.

Fourth, the pump (or carbon dioxide cylinder)

If you have a tire, whether you are using a tire repair tool or a spare tire, you have to find a way to inflate the tire. Therefore, a pump is very necessary. The pump is usually fixed to the frame. Although it is small, it is enough to fill the tires and make you go on the road again.

Some riders prefer to use carbon dioxide cylinders. This battery-sized gadget releases compressed gas and slaps the tires in seconds. Carbon dioxide cylinders are also lighter than regular cylinders, but they require some skill. If you accidentally change the inner tube, you may explode again. Therefore, riders who do not master the skills should be used with caution.

Five, combination tools

Whether it's a long-distance or short-distance ride, your car may need to be repaired or adjusted, and a convenient and practical combination tool becomes a necessity. A combination tool is usually equipped with a variety of independent tools of various sizes, including universal wrenches, hex wrenches, screwdrivers, chainers, and more. With so many tools neatly packed in a small bag, it is simply a portable toolbox for car repairs. In addition, many combination tools are also equipped with a bottle opener for extreme environments.

6. ID card, money and insurance card

Bringing these is just in case, I hope they will never come in handy. Take some change on the road to buy water and snacks. If the tire is cracked, you can also put a dollar bill into the tire and block it in the cracked place, so that the inner tube will not swell. Also, remember to bring a copy of your ID card and insurance card. Although God will bless you, in the event of misfortune, these documents are crucial. As a final reminder, please write down your emergency contact number on the back of these documents, as well as your medical contraindications or allergy medications.

Seven, mobile phone

In addition to the above several pieces of equipment, there is also a very important item - the mobile phone, which is the most important tool we want to contact the outside world. If you have a mobile phone, you must carry it with you: if the car fails, it can ask the family for help; if it is a long-distance ride, it can contact the fellow riders; it can also make an appointment with the restaurant to help you order one. Your favorite spicy chicken.

Among the riders I know, more than one goes out with only a mobile phone. If the car breaks down, he can let the car dealer first help him transport the car (a free service provided by some car shops to buy a car), then call a taxi to go home.

If you plan to go out and ride, get ready for these items before you leave!

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