Six tips on how to get a ride more comfortable with your new bike

The biggest pain in riding is to force yourself. If you feel uncomfortable cycling, try replacing the following accessories.


Bicycle seat


Finding a comfortable cushion is just as best as the blonde girl principle. Many drivers have touched a lot of nails before trying to find the most suitable cushion (trying countless cushions and different angles), and it is worthwhile to find the right one.

So how do you find Mr. Right?

The first step is to know the individual's physical value. First of all, of course, do a professional BIKE FIT. Getting accurate data to millimeters can help you find a new cushion at any time.

The second is to act as a Mr. Millimeter, the height of the seat cushion in millimeters (the length from the BB to the highest position of the seat cushion) and the back and forth offset of the seat cushion in the seat tube.

The third step is to test the ride before buying the cushion. The situation with most cushions is that you can't use it for three months and find that it is not applicable to apply for a return. However, you can ask the local car store if there is a sample, or ask the store what other measures can be used to try new products (most stores will not be black and white on the wall, you can ask more). Some car stores can let consumers try for 30 days (different national conditions), if you don't like it, you can spend more money on another. If there is no similar service in the car shop around you, just try to buy a few different ones with a few friends who are chatting. The group name is called the cushion league.


Improper handlebar width and camber can cause shoulder pain, numbness in the palms, and inconvenient braking. You certainly don't want the muscles of your neck and shoulders to be too tight. The change of the handlebar can not save an unsuitable frame, but it can bring comfort and enhance the sense of control. The handlebar is one of the three main support points for the body to touch the car, and even a small change is enough to amplify its effect.


Handlebar top view

Handlebar side view


A is the Reach value front curvature; B is the Width width; C is the Drop drop; D is the Drops; E is the Bend; F is the Hooks; G is the Ramp (most people consider the Reach and Drop values when purchasing the handlebar)

Three types of bicycle handlebars

Find a few tips to be satisfied:

1. Give priority to the Reach value, because your hand will be placed on the brakes for a long time. You can try the handlebar with a short Reach value. Try it a little longer.

2, find the appropriate handlebar width, you can grab the brakes with both hands, let friends or clerk check from your front, generally shoulder width.

3. Regardless of the shape of the handlebar, your index finger and middle finger should be able to bend easily to the brake lever.

4, unless you want a special shape or ultra-light, generally use aluminum alloy material. Although the carbon fiber handlebar has better shock absorption effect, the price is more than three times that of the aluminum alloy.

5. If you are an attacker, you can consider the handlebar with a 35mm diameter.

Cycling pants


Most suede users agree with it, and the choice of suede is just a matter of personal preference. Please remember that the design of the riding pants is not wearing a pair of pants, and the suspenders are actually quite comfortable, provided that you buy it right. The shoulder straps of the suspenders are not only more comfortable than the waist rubber bands, but also keep your trousers in the correct position, some also provide core support, and in the summer can also be the base layer of the clothes to keep the body dry.

Ridding gloves



If your hands are numb and tingling, you may wish to change your gloves. The inner lining adds comfort and prevents the car from scratching the palm.

Cycling shoes


There is a clear line between the comfort and hardness of the shoes. Many people want to find a pair of shoes that fit and are still worn after long distance riding. You can refer to the following points before buying shoes.

1. Go buy shoes after work. Hot days will be swollen and go shopping as late as possible.

2, bring your riding socks, if you use the orthosis when riding a bicycle, then don't forget to bring it.

3. If you don't have a half-size shoe in your store, try another home. Interestingly, the full size of the SIDI and the corresponding half yard length are the same, the difference is the looseness of the top.

4, riding is a low-impact exercise, but sometimes you stand up to conquer the devil-like steep slope, this time will exert great strength on the footsteps. Try the shoes from time to time to feel the pressure of the laces and buttons, then sit down and relax the instep.

5. The direction of the shoelaces is from the toes to the ankles.

6. Take your time. SIDI claims that their Lorica fabrics will feel different after being exposed to heat, a process that takes about 30 minutes. Then you don't have to worry about leaving the car shop. It is also an excuse to let yourself and your heart longing for the eyebrows.

7, consider the comprehensive. In addition to looking at the size of the toe from the end of the shoe, also pay attention to the distance between the upper and the toe (avoid too tight or too loose). Put on the shoes and tie the laces to tighten the buttons to see how much material is left. A centimeter or so is normal, and there are too many recommended replacements.

8. Transgender selection. Most brands have a distinction between men and women, and it is not too rigid to choose only men (female). For example, SIDI's women's shoes have a slightly narrower heel, but the size of the shoe is similar. Men with small heels can choose women's shoes, and women's color matching options are also richer.

Try it a few more times. Even if you think the shoes are right, try the bigger one or the smaller one. High-quality shoes can be worn for a long time, and you hope to give you good memories before it retires.

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