Some points about the titanium MTB bike frame, you must know

There are many common senses that mountain bikes need to pay attention to during the purchase process and cycling. When purchasing a suitable high-quality mountain bike, key components such as frame, seat cushion, shifting, and horn are all needed to be evaluated. In order to know the quality of these components, you need to master the knowledge of distinguishing between good and bad firmware.

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The frame is made of steel, aluminum, titanium alloy, and carbon fiber. Among them, the steel frame is the cheapest, but the weight is also the heaviest. There is a danger of rust after the surface of the paint falls off, so it is necessary to work hard on maintenance. The higher point is the aluminum alloy, which is lighter in weight but requires a thicker pipe diameter to achieve the same strength as the steel pipe, which is used by most mountain bikes. After the surface is polished, the whole car is silvery-white and looks good. The carbon fiber frame is characterized by its integral molding and does not require welding, but each frame requires special mold manufacturing and is costly. Titanium alloy is not only light in weight, rust-free, high in strength, and has the best material properties.

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