Something you should know about the Chain ring for road bike or touring

Tooth chairing:

The tooth plate is one of the most important parts of the traveling car. The material strength of the tooth plate can improve the transmission efficiency, reduce the wear and deformation; the number of teeth of each disc of the tooth plate also determines the transmission ratio range provided by the whole transmission system. Most traveling vehicles need three-tooth discs. In no special cases, the number of teeth on the smallest disc ranges from 22 to 28, and the number of teeth on the largest disc ranges from 34 to 56. A wide and appropriate transmission ratio range should be determined according to the number of teeth and wheel diameter of the rear flywheel, and the size of the toothed disc should be selected according to the number of teeth on the flywheel. Do not talk about the general package configuration. Talk about the special configuration that may be used on the station wagon.

In the long-distance travel, the 26 size transmission system completely uses the mountain specification, wasting the climbing performance of the small gear ratio part, and at the same time, the performance of the high-speed part is also insufficient. The 700C size with the corresponding road kit, gear ratio gear is rarely used, load climbing performance is not enough. As a result, 26 frames of professional touring vehicles often use slightly larger gear discs, while 700C frames use slightly smaller or even mountain-sized gear discs. In response to this demand, there are also teeth between mountain and road. This kind of tooth plate is the best choice for the heavy-duty traveling car. It is common to have the mountain tooth disc with large tooth disc, the highway tooth disc with three-tooth discs, the highway tooth disc with two tooth discs but smaller diameter (common in Cyclocross), and the tooth disc specially designed for traveling vehicles (the difference with the highway tooth disc with three-tooth discs is mainly that the tooth number difference between adjacent discs is larger).

Comparison between XT mountain tooth plate and XT touring car tooth plate:

XT fc-m780 mountain disc:

XT FC-M771K big teetch, MTB chain ring teetch(44-32-22):
XT FC-T781 Touring chain ring(48-36-26):

Shimano Tiagra Series' three chain ring comparision:
Regular 2 pcs of chain rings

Small chainring of road chain ring:

3pcs of chain ring for road :

The 44-32-24t deore LX touring car tooth plate (Shimano follows the trend of kindness. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the needs of touring car. It has developed from only being able to choose from mountains and highways to a single deore LX touring kit, to a touring car product line covering three levels of deore, deore LX and deore XT):

Campagnolo's three road discs (note that the discs have a large spacing of teeth)

48-34-24t Vos tooth plate:

Andel rsc6 dental disc, standard for certain generation of surly LHT:

700C station wagon with mountain tooth plate installed:

26 station wagon with larger tooth plate:

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