Strength training lets you to ride faster and farther!

Strength training is well known for its focus on explosive sports, but there is a certain misunderstanding of strength training: strength training has little benefit for endurance sports. In fact, strength training is not only suitable for sprinters, gym enthusiasts, strength training, especially leg strength training is also suitable for endurance-oriented cyclists, of course, for those who are happy to climb the slope is also very beneficial.


As the word "power" implies, strength training is designed to make your muscles stronger and more powerful. For the rider, whether it is a flat road sprint or a climbing slope, the leg needs to provide enough crisp and powerful pedaling, and the stable power output cannot be separated from a strong and powerful thigh.

Strength training has been extensively studied for improving cycling performance, and many studies have shown that strength training has many positive effects on cycling. Strength training not only enhances muscle strength, but also raises the “lactic acid threshold” (the body produces lactic acid in muscle tissue during aerobic exercise, and the increase in the level of lactic acid in the blood to a certain value will cause you to suffer from fatigue and soreness. The discomfort that forces you to slow down or even stop, then the “certain value” mentioned here refers to the “lactic acid threshold.”) The power of scientific planning can make your “lactic acid threshold” higher, which means You will be stronger and more durable in your exercise.


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Try the most simple but very effective squat at home training:

Action essentials: The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the toes of the feet are slightly flushed into the direction of 11 o'clock. The chest is abdomen, the hands are crossed behind the head, and the head is slightly raised. The elbow joint opens the shoulder blade and tightens backwards. Straighten your back, tighten your lower abdomen and try to keep your spine straight, let your hips tighten and tilt up slightly, bend your knees down to the thigh parallel to the ground or slightly below the knee, keep it for about two seconds, and contract the quadriceps. Kneeling your knees to restore.


Rhythm: 2-3 seconds, 1-2 seconds, 2 seconds. Squat can not only increase the strength of the leg muscles, but also create a good hip shape, why not.

A few tips:

Ask for advice before starting your training program:

Strength training focuses on systemicity, so ask a professional coach before you actually start training, or ask the fitness god around you for help, and let them develop a reasonable intensity training plan based on your physical condition.

Don't ignore upper limb training:

For riding, we not only need to improve the strength of the lower limbs and the endurance of the lower limbs, but also the strength of the upper limbs. Imagine that when you are in the same position for a long time, it will inevitably cause shoulders, back, neck and The fatigue of the arms, then, the planned upper limb training usually improves these problems.

Must be persevering:

Maybe after you have been training for two or three months of strength, there is a clear improvement, but please stop here and try to continue and consolidate hard-won gains.


Diet, rest assistance:

Eat less and eat more meals, eat more protein-high foods, to ensure that each time the intensity of training, but also need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, to add vitamins and minerals lost in training. Rest to ensure that the daily sleep time is about 8 hours, do not stay up late, sleep before 10:30 in the evening, because between 10:30 and 2 am, when the body secretes the most growth hormone, there is no good rest, training and then More is equal to futile.

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