Summer cycling exercise pay attention to drinking water, details can not be ignored

Summer cycling exercise pay attention to drinking water

Summer outdoor travel (Travel), hot sun, sweating a lot, easy to thirst, need to properly add water (Water), but drinking water on the road is small.


First, the amount of water to drink during the trip is less

Thirsty can not be drunk at one time. Drink water several times. Do not drink more than one liter per hour. It should be 100 to 150 ml each time, with an interval of 1 hour.

Second, the temperature of drinking water

In summer travel, the body temperature of the human body is usually high, and a large number of cold drinks are prone to cause digestive diseases, because the stomach is accelerated by blood circulation and the stomach is relatively isotope (Booklet Printing). Do not drink beverages below 5 °C, drink cold water at around 10 °C is best, can achieve the purpose of cooling and quenching thirst.

Third, go out to travel, drink the right amount of light salt water (Light Salt)


After the exercise, people are prone to sweating. When the body sweats a lot, the sweat takes away a lot of inorganic salts, such as potassium, sodium and magnesium. Therefore, it is necessary to drink some light salt water during the journey (Plastic Card Printing). 1 gram of salt plus 500 ml of water can replenish the body's needs while also preventing electrolyte imbalance.

Fourth, the right amount of sugar supplement is also very important


Due to the intense movements such as wading in the mountains during the journey, a large amount of heat is consumed, and the amount of sugar stored in the body cannot meet the needs of sports. Therefore, when participating in a large amount of exercise and excessive exercise, drink some sugar water and replenish energy consumption in time.

Don't avoid: When you are out on a trip, don't drink raw water to avoid getting sick.

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